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Hello Parents! Welcome back to another year of AIM! I'm excited to start the year off with the kiddos and grow, learn, create, and discover! The first week is "culture" week. Students will come to my class for about 2 hours to take care of housekeeping items and lay down some AIM expectations. Official classes will begin the week, after Labor Day. Students will go home with all the necessary paperwork & folders this week!

AIM Program

AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Motivate) is a program uniquely & exclusively offered for elementary aged students in the Manor Independent District. Students will engage in TEKs related brain teasers, collaborate in Project Based Learning opportunities, and have time to enrich their day through various interest stations. At the Blake Manor Elementary Campus, I meet with each grade level once a week for 3 hours at a time.

1st Grade

Patterns Patterns Everywhere!

Young students will explore how there are certainly patterns ALL around them. Not only are there visual patterns, there's phonographic patterns, organizational patterns, and even patterns within our bodies!

Students created an instrument and made musical patterns!

2nd Grade

Changes are a happening

Students start recognizing that changes are all around them. They'll dive first into changes in inventions over time and then look deep into character analysis through a novel study.

Teamwork with SCAMPER

3rd Grade

The Value of Relationships

What are we but relational creatures? Not only are there interpersonal relationships but we go beyond that! We share this world with about 7.5 billion people and the value that each person can bring makes this world beautiful. Students will get a chance to capture that beauty through a deeper understanding of the relationships around them.

Collaborating on research!

4th Grade

Impacts to Systems

Having systems in place aides our society to run efficiently. When something operates outside of the system, one of two things happen: (a) a new discovery is made. (b) the entire system crashes. Our fourth graders will have the opportunity to discover those system changers and make a system all on their own.

These Wright Brothers were ready to change the traveling system of the world!

5th Grade

Structures are Meant to be REstructured

The arrangement of parts makes the structure a whole. But those parts can also be constantly changing! Students are diving deep into the structure of literature as well as governments in the 1940s through the study of Anne Frank's diary.

Putting all the elements together for an earthquake resistant structure.
Projects, Interest Stations, and AIM specific field trips!

About Me

Hi! This is my 6th year in education and I have been with Blake Manor Elementary all six years! I graduated with a B.S. in Applied Learning & Development (EC-6) from the University of Texas at Austin. I am ESL, PBL, & GT trained and utilize all aspects of those in my pedagogy.

My CORE passions (and WHY I teach) include: impacting the next generation, helping young students see that they are lifelong learners, and that they are integral members of their learning communities. I love seeing people smile/laugh and I strive to make learning a positive experience for all!

Some of my favorites include: giraffes, the color green, anything Marvel related, traveling & photography, dark chocolate, genuinity, and nice smelling candles.


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