DNA Fingerprinting Olivia Kelley & Alex Schwemmer

What is the advancement in biotechnology? - DNA Fingerprinting (Found in hair roots, skin cells, or cheek cells - DNA is the same in all of your cells)

How does the technology work? - DNA must be taken out of the nucleus of the cell. Everyone has their own specific DNA fingerprint (unless you're a twin).

Why is this technology important? - Forensic scientists have used fingerprints in criminal investigations as a means of identification for centuries. Fingerprints are not identical to anyone else’s in the world, and they do not change overtime, making it very easy to identify who the person is.

How has this technology impacted medicine, forensics, or agriculture?- In forensics, officers and scientists have used fingerprints to identify people, possibly criminals, to rightfully punish people who truly committed a crime.

What are the ethical considerations relevant to this technology? - it is giving up DNA and part of your genetics to be a part of public information available to many people (privacy rights).




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