STEAM Reflective Journal Written & createD by kirra harriss

Investigate and create a list of power sources that could be used to power a vehicle or some other device.

Solar Power
Wind Power
Battery Power
Ocean Energy
Biomass Power
Nuclear Power

Hydrogen Power

Hydroelectric Energy

Explain how this form of power could be harnessed to provide a vehicle with an alternate power source. Communicate this in a paragraph response.

Solar Power!!!!!

Solar power is a source of renewable energy. We already use it for a lot of purposes in our daily lives, you may even have some solar panels on your roof. Solar power is literally power provided by the suns rays. Some of the benefits of using solar panels for a car would be that it produces no greenhouse gases or toxic waste.

Describe your proposed alternate power vehicle. Include photos, video’s and relevant diagrams.

My alternate powered vehicle will be powered by solar cells. It will have bottle caps for wheels and have a hard wire support for the solar cells. The solar cell will be linked up to a small 1 1/2 volt motor that will provide the running power. My car will only be able to run when there is sun or the sky is clear.

Very basic design of my AVP.

More detailed design of my AVP

Analyse and evaluate your design and design process using a SWOT analysis

Develop an action plan for creating your alternate powered vehicle. This can be presented in flow chart form


Created with images by hoodcj1photo - "Bondi Red Dawn" • Robert Scoble - "Solar panel on top of Pacifica's Waste Water treatment plant" • USFWS Headquarters - "Wind turbines" • Visor69 - "battery energy supply means" • Unsplash - "water wave inside" • James Mackintosh Photography - "Up in Flames" • mucorales - "nuclear power plant nuclear reactor nuclear"

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