Park Hill Preparatory School the deerstalker issue 23 - 28th april 2017

From the Headmaster:

Well, we just about made the whole school photograph in between the showers and hail. The children (and staff) were very well turned out and, having had a very brief look at the images, we managed to have everyone looking in the right direction all at the same time!

The week seems to have flown by now that we have resumed after school activities and clubs. Peculiar that the start of the cricket club coincided with probably the worst weather this academic year. You will have noted that we have expanded the range of activities available for the children, everything from art to chess to yoga, with a sprinkling of sport in between!

Do please take note of some of the the activities we have planned. I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming book fayre taking place from Thursday 4th - Tuesday 9th May. There will be a wide selection available with a special offer of three books for the price of two. The books can be purchased from 8am to 8.30am each day and also from 3.30pm - 5pm.

Please follow this link for further information -

We also have a date for the next parent/staff social in the calendar section of this edition.

Finally, looking slightly further ahead, Max, Dan, Lewis, Sam et al from Premier Sport will be holding a holiday camp this half term, a link for booking can be found directly below.

I hope you have an enjoyable long weekend.

Yours sincerely,


May Half Term Camp

I am delighted to confirm that we shall be hosting a Half-Term Holiday Camp with Premier Sports once again using Park Hill as their base. The camp will run for four days in total - 30th May to 2nd June. Numbers will be limited to 30 children per day. If you would like to confirm your place in advance please complete this Google form -

Breakfast Club

In order to ensure we can obtain accurate numbers for Breakfast Club each day we have adapted the form currently used to book a place for the after school club. If you wish to apply for a place for breakfast club for the next day or coming week, these requests can be accommodated up to 2pm each day, with the form being taken off line at 2pm to ensure we can make the necessary arrangements. These bookings will need to be made each week and will be 'online' from 3pm each Friday afternoon for the consecutive week.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are named.

Mrs Barikor has kindly established a Facebook page where you can request, post, sell and even donate spare items of uniform. Please follow this link to access the page -

Boot bags and the new games kit (Year 1 upwards) are now available from Lester Bowden. All items can be ordered directly through their website.

I would be grateful if you could assist us in ensuring the children are wearing the correct uniform to school. Black school shoes should be worn, white socks for girls and grey socks for boys. Children from Reception to Year 3 are required to wear a blazer. Our school uniform is a source of great pride and I would be grateful for your assistance as we remind the children of the need to ensure shirts are tucked in and that they leave the school as smartly as the arrive.

Drop off and Collection Arrangements

The side gate is open each day from 8.00am - 8.05am for early bird drop off. It will then be opened again from 8.15am - 8.30am for drop off, and 3.30pm - 3.40pm for collection. Early bird drop off is for children only and you should leave your children with the member of staff on duty.

If you are running late, please inform Mrs Blower so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Breakfast Club

You are welcome to bring your children to breakfast club which opens its doors at 7.30am. £5 per session.


Please help us maintain the very best relationships with our neighbours by not blocking or parking in their drives when dropping off or collecting your children.

Please do not park on the yellow chevrons directly in front of the school or across driveways for the safety of all of our children.

Woodland School

Could I ask that you ensure that waterproof trousers and coats are brought into school on the relevant day (regardless of the forecast) so that we maximise our use of Richmond Park.

After School Activities

Please note: all activities, clubs (including after- school and breakfast clubs and trips will be charged through schoolmoney.

Please follow this link to access the booking forms for after school club and for teacher led activities -

Richmond Park Film

Some of may have already seen the rather fascinating film presented by Sir David Attenborough about Richmond Park but, thanks to the link provided by Mrs. Walsh, I thought it should be shared. Please follow this link -

Regulatory Compliance Inspection

All independent schools throughout the country are required to receive a regulatory compliance inspection, conducted by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. There are eight standards against which each school is judged -

  1. Quality of education provided (Curriculum & Teaching)
  2. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
  3. Welfare, health and safety of pupils
  4. Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors
  5. Premises and accommodation
  6. Provision of information
  7. Manner in which complaints are to be handled
  8. Quality of leadership in and management of schools

For each of the eight standards, there are an additional 34 subcategories (broken down into another 150+ descriptors) that inspectors are required to satisfy themselves that the school is fully compliant with.

In addition to lesson observations, interviews with members of staff (teaching and administrative), interviews with the children and a detailed interview with Governors a considerable amount of time was spent with me in my guise not just as Head but also as the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

A peculiarity of the report is the relative brevity of detail for standard 4 - Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors. This standard concerns the recruitment process and ensuring that members of staff possess a current DBS Check, are aware of the relevant protocols for safeguarding, (Keeping Children Safe in Education (2016), PREVENT) and that the school has a complete and up to date Single Central Register. The succinctness of language in the report relating to this standard does not necessarily reflect the demands and importance placed on this particular aspect.

Some aspects of the regulations are quite specific. There are, for example, specific school policies that must be available to parents on the website. There must be a paper copy of the Health and Safety on display for parents. There must be signage prohibiting mobile phone usage on site and the prohibition of smoking on site, to name but a few.

It is all well and good having a policy but the inspectors must satisfy themselves that the policies are actually being followed. Registration, signing in procedures, absentee checks, supervision and the adherence to health and safety regulations (including COSHH) again, to name but a few, are observed. Staff and children are also quizzed to ensure that they know and follow these policies and regulations.

I am delighted to confirm that we were successful in meeting each of the eight standards and that we are fully compliant against the Independent Schools Standards and Regulations as judged by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

You are welcome to read the report by following this link -

News from First Steps

This week in First Steps we have looked at the well known nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. We have enjoyed various art activities, creating our own Humpty Dumpty pictures being one of them. We have also enjoyed learning about the importance of bending our knees when we jump and how to land safely.

We enjoyed discussing how we feel when something is broken and how we can look after objects and ourselves too. All of our teachers were impressed with our phonic and number recognition and love seeing us proud of what we have achieved so far. Next week we will be exploring the rhymes of Incy Wincy Spider and Little Miss Muffet.

News from Second Steps

Second Steps have had a busy week with lots of fishy themed activities. The children have painted lots of colourful fish to add to our art display and we have been admiring the wonderful new additions to our Under the Sea hanging display. Maths work included cutting out and then ordering fish in size order.

The children have been learning a new song all about a shark in Mrs Baillee’s music lesson and during Performing Arts, pretended to be robots and animals from Noah’s Ark. Despite the changeable weather the children have participated in some fun outdoor sessions using the long tunnel and small trampoline. Both activities also helped the children to practise their turn taking skills.

News from Reception

Well, Reception have had a very exciting week. Not only have we been looking at characters in different stories and beginning to write a brief description of them we have also been making bread. We loved kneading the dough and discussing the ingredients as we measured them into the bowl. We made some fantastic predictions about what might happen to our dough mix while we left it to prove and the class were very shocked to see that it actually doubled in sized and smelt delicious. On Thursday we then ate our bread by making some lovely jam sandwiches which we had as part of our snack.

News from Year 1

Our topic for the Summer term is Space and so far we have written warning signs for the sun, postcards from the Sun and poems about the moon.

It has been a very creative week in Year 1 and we have been working on lots of design technology projects.

We have been building planets using paper mache (to be painted next week). We thought carefully about the size of each planet when blowing up the balloons to make sure that the were correct.

"Jupiter is the largest planet and is a gas giant”. Zachary.

"You can fit over 1 million Earths inside the sun.” Barnaby.

“Pluto is now a dwarf planet” Elena.

We also began to design and construct rockets using recycled materials ensuring that the rockets included design features such as control capsule , engine and launch pad.

In Maths we have been learning about symmetry.

“An object is symmetrical when it is the same on each side, exactly the same … a mirror image.” Zac.

“It is the shape flipped over and reflected.” Elena.

We painted symmetrical aliens with tentacles, many eyes and strange faces. “They look like bugs” Zara.

Homework folders will be sent home mid week for the Summer term to allow more time for completion. The focus is comprehension and this week we are looking at instructions and algorithms.

News from Year 2 and Year 3

Another busy week in Year 2 and Year 3.

In Mathematics, we have been doubling and halving, with children being challenged with two, three, four, five and even six digit figures.

In Literacy, the children completed their stories for the writing competition. We are very excited about sending the entries to be judged by Steve Backshall.

In Art, the children have used mud-roc to create their own fish and will complete their decoration next week.

We are looking forward to going to Isabella Plantation next week where they will be exploring the flora and fauna in addition to sketching and painting the blossom.

Dates for the diary...

1st May - School Closed

4th May - 9th May - Book Fair

4th May - Year 1, 2 and 3 to Isabella Plantation

8th May - Second Steps visit to Kew Gardens

10th May - Reception Class visit to Brooklands Museum

15th - 19th May - Art Exhibition and Art Week

20th May - Pre-Prep School Football Festival at Shrewsbury House

20th May - Parent & Staff Social BBQ

23rd May - Race for Life

25th May - Start of half term holiday

5th June - Term resumes

24th June - Prize Giving and Sports Day

6th July - End of term

Certificate Winners

Certificate winners - Alex Balding, Elliot Gay, Aishnavi Gopiraj, Dylan Jones, Gabrielle McLean, Mario Pearce Kulyk, Barnaby Salmon, Zachary Warner, April Williams, Willa Holmes.

Happy Birthday!

Samika Sharma, Ela Akoglu and Mrs Blower (21 again).

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you would like to obtain a copy of an image of your child that is included in the newsletter.

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