P.V.C Paulo Victor Cruz Journey Project

A microphone represents who I am because it shows how I choose to be who I wanted to be over the summer I wrote my own music and video and I felt like myself again and how this is who I am. I learned not to be what others think I am. In August I made a sheet of music put it together and durning that process i started to see what I am capable of when I am given something I like to do.

This Jersey represents my school. In school i chose to be part of something bigger than myself. I learned to be less selfish and learn that others matter more the ones own self. Because of school I started to care about others. In November it was the last game of the season and I had finally been able to go back on the field and play. When I wen ton i felt the bond that our team had and how when i tried to do my own thing I just suffered and how when I worked with my team instead against them we ended up winning I learned to finally stop being stubborn and selfish and be a part of something bigger than my self.

The bible represents life for me. I chose to be a true person. I started being honest started respecting other and honoring my family. I learned that I have the ability to cause so much pain to others and how it comes back. In December I was put in the hospital because I crushed my ribs together after trying to fix my door outside and having my mom yell at me because I was irresponsible and not caring of my family. I saw the tears in her eye as she saw m there and learned how my actions do have conscience not just for me but the people around me.

This sweater represents how I choose to finally be my own person and follow my own path and not let people like my parents tell me how to run my life what I have to do to run it. In June I was accepted into one of the U.S. greatest music school in my home town. When i saw my family was heart broken bout sending me away i thought o my self I was being selfish about what I want. I learned that my parents don't want me to leave my family like they did to them.

A computer is a symbol to represent my community. I choose to help others. After graduation I didn't care about anyone or anything I did what I wanted and when I wanted to. I hurt others disobeyed and even almost got arrested for talking back. When I opened my computer and saw a text my friend sent me saying she was in a lot of pain and needed help from me I ignored her and I saw another text a day later saying how she was crying in her bathroom with no one to help her and needed me so i offered my help just as a computer helps someone when they need a project done or work done. I help my friend and I felt good about it so after I Choose to help more and care less about my self cause that was selfish.

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