War Ensemble By Slayer

Seasons In The Abyss

1990 | Metal

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“Sport the war, war support, The sport is war, total war. — When victory's a massacre, the final swing is not a drill. — It's how many people I can kill.”


  • Seasons In The Abyss peaked at #40 on the Billboard 200
  • Seasons In The Abyss was the band's last album with original member Dave Lombardo on drums until 2006's Christ Illusion.
  • Rick Rubin is listed as a producer on the album.
  • If that’s not your thing, try this version:


Luke Tatum

True story: Back when I was younger and had room to set up a drum kit, I made all my drum head purchases based on what Slayer's Dave Lombardo used. It's not even that I'm that diehard of a Slayer fan. I just love how incredibly heavy their sound is. This is not one of the songs on this list you'll be able to gently nudge your grandmother to liberty with. No, it's going to be rejected out of hand by most of the general population. But you know what? That's okay. We have to connect with the depths of depravity--to understand the "twisted psychology" of war--in order to fully insulate ourselves against its infectious nature. Remember, after all--we live in an era where tens of thousands of people are brainwashed enough to volunteer to join the military every year.

Sherry Voluntary

Hard to believe this song is almost 30 years old, sad that it’s still so relevant. I remember when it came out. I was a young teenager and it didn’t really connect with me. I liked the music, but the words seemed like a fictional story, not real life. Now almost 30 years later I see the words as far too real, and that war is all too common. These lyrics especially speak to me. “Sport the war, war support / The sport is war, total war / When victory's a massacre / The final swing is not a drill / It's how many people I can kill.” So many people seem to view war as if it were a sport. Their country as the favored team, the side of the good guys. They talk about it as if it’s just a game, and worship the idea of soldiers who fight, but really don’t want to hear about the human toll. The real devastating facts, the terribleness that is done in the name of their country is of little concern, as long as their team wins. They also only want their soldiers to come back and continue to worship at the altar of The Great State. If you are a vet who is disillusioned with, and ashamed of what you did in “service” then they don’t want you to speak. Only those who reinforce their romanticized version of war get to be heard, otherwise you’ve betrayed your country and your military brethren. No, you must protect their fantasy of the Great and Powerful America, city on a hill, shining light and bringing freedom to the world at the point of a gun. Wars of aggression are not a sport though. The consequences are far too high and even when you win you lose.

Nicky P

I’m guessing this song is ironic in nature. It seems unlikely that any person would put out a song likening war to sport. I’m sure plenty of people feel like it’s sport and treat it as such, but the truth is still that war is largely unpopular. It’s couched I’m euphemism and shrouded behind terms that sound benign enough but war is most definitely sport for some. While I was in college they really tried to blur these lines. The military spectacle at every major sporting event was a pentagon sponsored ad campaign front to back. I think some of the return on that ad campaign is drying up so new systems are being teased out. What good is a state without cannon fodder after all.

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Nicky P

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