Welcome to Biology! My name is Ms. Medina and I will be your teacher for this course. Biology is an exciting subject that studies all living things. In this course we will be learning about many things; from human cells, to plants, as well as evolution and ecology. I am passionate about teaching science and look forward to sharing that with all of you!


Be Present and on time

Be in full uniform everyday

Cellphone and headphone are not permitted in the classroom- phones and headphones will be subject to confiscation for the duration of the school day or longer if seen being used in class

Be respectful and mature

No food or drink permitted in the classroom

Assignments are expected on their due date, late assignments will be accepted for one week at a penalty of 10% per day. No late assignments will be expected past a week and there are no makeup dates.

If you are absent you are expected to access ituneU and google classroom to check for assignments. Work is still expected on time.

What We Will Be Covering

- Basic Biological Principles- we will review the scientific method, compare and contrast the common characteristics of life, learn about cells and their components, and understand the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

- Biochemistry- Biological macromolecules, water and enzymes- Energy and ATP- Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

-Bioenergetics -Cellular Transport, Cell Growth and Reproduction- Mitosis, Meiosis

-Homestasis and Transport

-Cell Growth and Reproduction

- Genetics- DNA, RNA, Protein synthesis, DNA mutations

- Evolution- Theory, Mechanisms and Evidence

- Ecology- Levels of Organization, Energy Flow, Ecosystems and Diversity

Grading Policies

How to be successful in this class

Biology is a challenging subject and my goal is to see you all succeed. Remember that I am here to help you so let's make sure we always communicate. It's important that you take the time at home to study, there are many things to memorize in biology and the only way to do so is repetition. I will be available after school if you have questions or need help.

Helpful Resources

Contact Information: Ms. Medina



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