The Art is Long big health and the new warrior activist

Climate change, habitat destruction and species extinctions. Political chaos, inequality and extremism. Obesity, diabetes, depression and stress-related disorders. As ecopsychologist Theodore Roszak put it, “The earth hurts, and we hurt with it.”

Our bodies are the canaries in the coal mine of the modern world. Health and medical industries focus on the well-being of the canary, but miss the larger message. Something is tragically wrong with the way we’re living. We need another way.

The Art is Long takes a big-picture view of human health and the human experience. This is an exploration of the “long body,” the totality of our individual bodies plus our life-supporting systems of habitat, tribe and culture. Being healthy is just a beginning.

Elements of big health and warrior activism...

Written by Frank Forencich, tribal elder of Exuberant Animal.

We support Standing Rock.

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Exuberant Animal

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