Socrates Sindhu Tiwari

Who Was Socrates?

Socrates was an Athenian sculptor who loved philosophy. He disagreed with many beliefs of Sophists. Born in Athens 470 B.C. Socrates was the son of Sophroniscus, a stone mason. Since he was not born in a noble family, Socrates only received a limited education. Historians believe that he worked as a stone mason for a few years. He married Xanthippe who had three sons with him. She was described as "undesirable" because she did not support Socrates profession. Xanthippe claimed that he could not support the family as a teacher. Socrates had very little to do with his sons and was more engrossed in his work. He was sentenced to death by Athenian leaders because they believed he taught bad things to young students. His friends offered to help him escape but he declined as he wanted to follow the law. Socrates drank a bottle of poison voluntarily which caused his death in 399 B.C.

What Were His Philosophy's?

Unlike Sophists, Socrates firmly believed there was an ABSOLUTE truth. Socrates tried to make a system based on human reason. He stated that choice was impacted by the need for happiness. His philosophy was also connected with politics. Instead of a tyranny or democracy he believed one would be capable to rule well when they are "in complete understanding with themselves". He taught things he didn't know. In fact he even stated himself that he was ignorant. Socrates believed he was also wise because he recognized his ignorance. Another one of his philosophy's was his creation of the Socratic Method. In brief this was a system of asking questions to draw out the truth. More will be explained about the Socratic Method in the paragraph titled "His Philosophy's Shown In Modern Day".

Socrates once said, "True Knowledge Exists in Knowing That You Know Nothing."

What Was His Impact On Ancient Greek Society?

Socrates was known as a religious figure all around Ancient Greece. Schools all around Greece longed to have him visit them. His passion for answers inspired many people to come up with other tough questions. Even The Oracle of Delphi announced Socrates as "the wisest man". Socrates influenced regular citizens as well of his students. One of his students, Plato, basically worshiped Socrates. He wrote many pieces about his life.

His Philosophy's Shown In Modern Day.

One of Socrates most influential creations that is still used today is called the Socratic Method. This method consists of asking very difficult questions to find the truth, an answer to a question, or the moral of a story. It was one of the main topics in the 1973 movie The Paper Chase. The Socratic Method is usually preformed in what's called a "Socratic Circle" or a "Socratic Seminar".

How Does a Socratic Seminar Work?

A Socratic Seminar is preformed in what is called a "fishbowl" formation. There is one inner circle of people and behind each person is another person who is observing them. There is one leader of the seminar who asks the group questions. A person doesn't have to raise there hand they simply speak out and the group begins to discuss the question. During that time, the observers take notes on their partner and observe some good/bad things they did. Then the inner circle & outer circle switch and the leader asks the new group another set of questions.



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