The Life of Patrick Henry By bRYAN JIANG

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One tool I've seen is the musket. It could fire up to 100 yards and was used by the English colonists. The musket took 20-30 seconds to reload. In order to shoot the musket, you have to put gunpowder in a special container in the gun called the powder horn. Then, a lead ball is placed on the muzzle of the gun and shoved down by the barrel. To defend against the Indians effectively, who had faster reloading bow n arrows, the colonists would have waves of gunfire

This picture fountains Native American houses, used by Powhatan Indians. These houses were meant for one family with 4-6 people. The houses would be used for a storage room and a sleeping Quater, but most of the work was done outside. In the house, Indeginous Americans would set a fire and smoke meat, which was why the houses have a little hole on the ceiling.

Outside of Carpenter Shop
Piano in the carpenter shop

Hello! My name is Patrick Henry, a lawyer and a patriot. I'm a gentleman and love to visit the carpenter shop to purchase furniture for my exquisite mansion. A room that I have seen a lot is the carpenters workshop. Carpenters ready their saws, and cut the wood. They make intricate designs to make chairs, cabinets and more. In the shop, you can buy cabinets, desks, tables and more. I visit the shop to purchase their desks and cabinets, filled with secret drawers where I can keep my private files a secret. To order items, I would consult with the shopkeeper and pay my shillings. Then, I would ask my slaves to carry the furniture to my office or house.

A room in the carpenter shop

In this room, the carpenters would work their magic to create a masterpiece. My busyness stops me from visiting here often. Their are 3 carpenters working at the shop.

Lord Dunmore's palace

This house belonged to Lord Dunmore, the torie, but eventually became the Governer's palace, where I, Patrick Henry stayed for 3 terms as governer. I overtook Lord Dunmore's house after he was appointed governer of New York after the death of Norborne Berkeley, the former New York Governer.

This is the room that is connected to the main entrance. When guests are coming, they usually enter through this room, and there is always a slave to response to knocks. The guns and swords are mainly used for decoration, but have been used in wars such as Lord Dunmore's war.

Patrick Henry's room

This is my room when I stayed as the 6th governer of Virginia. I slept here from 1776-1779.

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