Deforestation And The animals that suffer

In Samatra in Indonesia there is one of the most untouched forests in Indonesia, but yet deforestation is happening within the community, because of the corruption in the towns the leaders allow this and get money from this.

The Javan rhino is a smaller specifies of rhino compared to other rhinos in the world. The rhino can grow from the height of 1.4 metres to nearly 1.8 metres tall. With this particular rhino there is a possibility the feamales are slightly bigger.

For a matter of fact the Javan rhino has a big pointy upper lip which actually assists it grasping its food. The Javan rhino is only found in Indonesia very own ujung kulon national in java, where the population has appeared to have stabilised largely because they are protected by rhino protection units.

The samatran tigers sone of the smallest species of tigers and when males are fully grown they weigh about 300 pounds but how ever they can grow up to eight feet in length which gives them a very slim appearance. Experts belief that they are smaller in size due to the size of their habitats like a gold fish and due to the size of their prey which is small compared to te size if other tiger preys.

One of the samatran tigers best hunting tactics is to chase their prey into the water because they are rather fast swimmers they do this so can can easily take over large prey. The reason they can swim so fast is because they have webbed feet like a frog which is a advantage for them.


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