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First Class

I love Photoshop and still after years there is always something new. And until now i never arrive to get my ideas really work. I tried to put myself in a painting but that didn t work . I wanted to get the structure of the paint on my face and when getting it the color was not right and oppsite getting the color the structure was gone. Si i decided to go on something simple and took the second idea to make me small and something small big. I don t like flys and i always wonder if and how they see me. So i put myself in the eye of a fly, I did find a picture of flys eye on Pixabay an me was from the digital me course there i did some pics of myself. I tried to integrate myself more in adjusting the color of both pics. best solution i found in black and white with a a little sepia or the green version. I f i would have more time i would try to make it looking even more integrated.

How does a fly see me?

After a idid a resaerch how insects see and actually they see much more pixelated i did find already that they don t see a thousand images. So i did a pixelated Version of this image

Or like this or something else?

If i would have to teach this i think its very important to encourage to play around all the options but in the end choose one and stay with it. Mixing to many effects makes a big mess and its hard to choose with what to stick.

Second Class

I read this lesson today and really liked it. I learned to develop photos in black and white 35 years ago like in the video and his comparision of laboratory and photoshop made me understand why i love photoshop like i loved to work in the dark room. Usually i wait for the live class until i finish my assignment but i was so exited and just wanted to start .

I live in the desert and we have a very old history from hunters and agyptian culture cupper mines and wulfs and deers and mountains and stones. So i took something from all and made a picture from what i feel when biking in the desert. In the winter there is wulfs and i am really frighten of them . I have a dog and sometimes we meet them. The deers living in the desert are frightend from the wolves too . So i put my face into a silhouette of a deer. A hunter from agyptian times i took from google pics free to use and manipulate wants to kill the deer but the wulf will kill him...so at least he does something good or doesn t he? I don t like hunters and i love animals.. The aegypitiasn eye is a pic from Timna park closed to us in the night they have lights in shapes of aegyptian symbols. The Timna Park was once famous for its cupper and all has color of red and orange and yellow. The mountains are the mountains behind my house. I took a pic in the early morning when the rising sun reflects on them.

I worked with many layers, layer masks, and layer blendings. I took some pics to illustrator made an image trace and copied the path as a shape to photoshop. I love how the adobe tools are working together and i think one of the most important things is to learn when to use what and how to integrate the possibilties . There is always so many ways but usually there is a fast way and a long way. When learning photoshop its good to learn all the ways and then the short ones for daily use. I really enjoyed this assignment.

After the europeen class i did another one , this class gave me some great ideas and a great link! I did choose a Rembrandt, my favorite painter and added free pics from Pixabay of the atomic bomb and of garbage. I worked with adjustment color and many blending layer. I found that working on many layers and always doing little adjustments gives smoother integration then doing it all on one layer. And the new selection tool quick selection>select subject even recognized the atombomb and the garbage as subjects. This tool is a huge timesaver!! Together with refining edge it does in minutes what i used to do in hours...

Third Class

I did this course in the past and i liked the tennis game but in the past course we had an option to find a student to play with and i liked it much more. As in the passt course people make to big changes and leave nothig from what was in the beginning any change becomes harder and less completing a story. I think to play this game in a big group is not very successfull. If i need to do this with a class i always would give this tennis game to two persons may be four when playing double... Like in real tennis its not a game for a big group! Anyhow i added this pic to the game and post the assignment before the class again not for the assignment but to find somebody that wants to play with me the tennis for two!

I want the original back help!

In the australian class Shaloni gave us another image to edit


I did a mask from the school adjusted the colors to the color of my desertpic. I used the mesh and Puppet tool to fit the school into the rock. I added a sky that will be before the really purple sky in the edit of Shaloni. I left some place to add more. I find it easier when there is no people to get changes and i hope it will not end up in pictures on screens...

The turtle comes to school

After the third class with such an excellent guest speaker that even me forgot to read the chat because it was sooo fazinating. What i took out of this lesson was that creating and creating again and never stop to play and not to quit is most important and it gave me a lot of power just to play around and its true while doing you learn... I took also advices from him about coloroverlay clipping and selecting ... Thanks for this inspiring lesson and everybody who thinks he or she is not creative should see the US recording . He gave 30 minutes Plus in the end that unfortunally are not recorded.

This were the three photos after them i added my pics

Fourth Class

This assignment was hard for me i don t like Animation and i was lucky i did the videocourse before. Its frustrating that you cant load the gif image on Spark in order to have it here as a reference i did convert it to video passed it to spark video and posted the gif on the Edex.

I did use a portrait of myself, created a shape in Illustrator and imported it to photoshop. Then i searched for a video of coding on Pixabay imported it as animated frames and added my shape with exposure layers to give it a nice effect. Still the gif animation is not smooth i would like to know how to avoid this jumpings.

I will try some other options to make myself a "giflogo".

I added a second one with the cinema graphic effect and in order to get the theme change i did try to add the running code inside me and outside me. i start to like playing with it and this time the gif is smoother i added several layers and masks of still pics and Shapes above the gif animation. On the Edex platform i loaded the gifs.

Fifth Class

It took me a long time to choose a masterpiece and change it in the end i decided to take tow images and combine then and using an animated gif, i want to practise this more and found a good tutorial how i am going to do the combination.

I decided to recreate a Piet Mondrian and Pieter Claesz both Dutch painters and both wanted to show an eternal part in their art but it couldn t be more opposite one to the next. Mondrian searched for the absolute harmony and Symplicity of whats behin Reality. He uses Strong forms and Primary colors only . Claesz focused on the Mortality and use monochromatic dark and subtle Pattern and colors. He painted the vanitas of life .

Unfortunally Mondrians Paintings are still not copyrighted in all countrys its possible to get some according the US law on wikicommons but as i am not sure i decided to use a recreated Mondrian as a free pic from Pixabay. Claesz is allowed to use and i used a stillife i found on the Rijkmuseum- Best painting site i ever saw (thanks to Mattjis for sharing this link)

What a beautiful world...

The gifanimation i had to load in Vimeo in Spark it looks not good and in real gif it does look very different because i used a complicate backgroundpicture. So even with most colors added its still noisy. I found that you can load gifs on Behance. I did this gif with many many layers i had a shaoe for each rectangel and played with the keyframes opacity style etc. I wanted to create the breasing fluctating look of Mondrians paintings but still there is a lot of work to do.

Concerning the question of ethics: Is it allowed to change the intention of an artist? How much do i have to know about the artists in order to make changes?

And i found a nice workshop Idea for creating a mondrian with small kids!

Final Reflection

This was another great course and i learned a lot even while using Photoshop on a daily base i learned new features i didn t know. Photoshop is a very big, complex and wonderful program and has a lot to discover. To learn from other students and their process, solution and creating adds a lot and i enjoyed watching assignments. (Concerning the new feature to order the assignements: i didn t find it very useful that the default is the last updated is first- i did some researches from the last classes and found that most people comment on the posts on the beginning and once updated and been first an assignement suddenly gets one feedback after an other ....i think the default should be always to have the last commented on top. I know you can change it but most of the time you don t and use the default so the default should always be whats best.)

I didnt like animation before but this course introduced me to a nice use of them specially i like the cinemagraphic effect and will use it in Projects it adds a lot to expression without confusing the users eye.

I am not a teacher but i think all this activities we did in this class can be imported into class room and children and youth will love it. (See the Mondrian workshop for small kids) I think the gif part for kids of today is great and to see that you can actually do this without knowing Video is surprising. I knew photoshop had this possibilty but i didn t try it much and i got blown away how much you can do in Photoshop. I think one of the most important things to teach about photoshop is the power of layers. A good layer structure is the base for a good image.

And last not least i want to thank the instructors for great Tutorials and life classes. I did many courses and will do many and even while taking one course a second time its not the same. As well as life classes there is three and all three are very different one from another. Guest speakers adds a lot too .I like how you change the content according to technical updates. Photoshop moves the creater and the consumer and gets so many new features in each update .

Never stop learning and discover new things there is always more then you know already ...

See you in the next course!


Susanne Tamir Pixabay

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