Portrait Project Brittany burns w2

without flash ......This image is an example of a "non-flash" picture. I put Emma specifically near the window to show a little bit of lighting , if there weren't any lighting from the sun it would be harder to see her.
flash...My second image is obviously the picture with flash, looking back to the first image you can tell the huge difference that the flash made. The flash made everything more detailed, you can see more thing with the flash than without it.
outside. In my opinion this is a great "outside" picture, I wanted her in a position where you can see her hair swaying in the wind. I also think it is a great picture because she seems to be the main focus due to the big truck behind her.
with wall This picture against the wall was taken in one of the darkest parts of the school . I wanted it the picture to be
away from wall.. I like this image because we thought outside the box and her her standing in-between the two walls. Instead of taking a picture near a wall we took one where she is holding her arms on them .
I captured this picture because it falls into the category of environment, in JCHS half of the students are always on their phones. It shows what most of the students here like to do which is being on electronics .
I took this image in the light that is coming from a window . I wanted Emma to step into the light so that she would out more.
This is a picture of my choice i like it because their no artificial lighting and it still came out as a good picture.If i was to chose what tye of picture it would be i would say it is a main focus picture.
A picture in the library could be one of the best ways to show the natural environment of a high school student . Its a place where students could go to do homework or relax and read.

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