How do we know if a revolution is successful? BY: HUNTER CLARK


I became curious about this topic when we started to learn about revolutions. I asked myself, why there were so many revolutions throughout history? The answer is that every major revolution has not only been successful, but they have changed history. How do we know when a revolution has been successful?


I feel that this question is very relevant to the big picture of a revolution. Revolutions don't just happen over night, they take months, sometimes even years of planing. I'm hear to find the down to the bone details, the late nights that everybody put in to really make their revolution successful. Does anybody really now what happened to ensure victory during these revolutions? Was it all planed out, or did it come down to pure luck?


The Syrian revolution is a good example of a revolution that was a complete bloody mess, that didn't help the country in any way. The picture above can show why the revolution was not successful. Over 10 million people have either left the country, or been trapped in military fighting grounds. This is one revolution that the people of Syria probably wish they had not started. This is one way to find out if a revolution is successful, finding out how many people have died. Some revolutions are not messy with no blood spilled, but many revolutions are nasty and filled with people that have been killed or executed. In my opinion a revolution is successful if there is no blood spilled.

Egyptian Revolution

The Egyptian revolution is a perfect example of a successful revolution. The people of Egypt received exactly what they wanted. What started with peaceful protest quickly turned into police reacting violently with teargas, batons, and arrests of innocent people. This marked the day known as "police day". The protests continue to get more violent, and the police

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