La Historia de España Abby jarrell 8 Esterllas

In the past Spain has gone through many invasins, changes en gobierno, and religion. Many countries wanted to take over but Spain prevaleced through the attacks and guerras over time.

The first invasors of Spain were the Celtas who were from present day France. The Celtas darse cuenta de Spain was a great place due to its ubicacion. But there was one problem, the Iberos were already is Spain at the time. The Iberos were coming from Africa. Eventually the people living in Spain beca known as the Celtiberos.

In 409 A.D. the Roman Empire tala. The Reino of Visigoths from Germany came in and tomar el poder.

La Reconquista was the almost continual fight between Christian kingdoms north of the peninsula. The south was bajo control of the Muslims which was called Al-Andalus.

Toledo the "City of Tolerance" had three religions living there; the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Even today there son influir en from these three groups of people.

In 1492 the Moors had been dividido into many small kingdoms. The last Moorish king had been derrotado in January of 1492. Now the Reyes Catholic period comenzar.

The first rey was Fernando of Aragon who did nothing. Fernando's wife Isabel of Castilla on the other hand was a belicista who wanted to go to war by the side of her troops. They were exitoso due to their religion and military.

The Spanish Inquisition was a period where all non-Catholics were allowed to be torturar or espulsado of Spain. Pope Sixtus IV and Pope Innocent IV permite these things happen.

Fernando and Isabel's daughter Juana la Loca casarse Felipe el Hermoso. Juana and Felipe had a son, Carlos I. Carlos I el nombre propio the Holy Roman Emperor.

Under the rule of Carlos I the Spanish Empire grew rapidamente. Gold, silver inunde into Spain from Americas. Along with new crops: corn, potatoes, fruits. He usado funds that were pouring in from the colonies to subsidize the many religious war across Europe.

He became one of the staunchest defensor of Catholicism, as it fought to stop the spread of the Protestant Reformation across Europe. His legado was pasado to his son Felipe II.

When Felipe II dies, Felipe III takes power. Felipe III died and Felipe the IV reinar from 1621 - 1655. He reigns over one of the richest cultural periodos in Spanish history. This period was call Siglo de Oro. Felipe IV's son Carlos II morir leaving no heredero, so the Spanish Empire had no rule. This causa war in Spain. Felipe V the son of Louis XIV became the king of Spain.

The Rebellion of 2 May 1808 in Madrid empezar War of Spanish Independence. Constitution of 1812 establecer a parliamentary monarchy.

Fernando VII was the son of Carlos IV. Fernando returned from exile in France to rule after the the defeat of Napoleon's troops. He died leaving only a daughter, Isabel II. Isabel II says she will rule on her own and this divides the country. Isabel II ended reigning from 1833 to 1868.

The Bourbons then take over the Spanish Empire after Isabel II from 187o- to 1873. The Bourbon ruler was King Alfonso XII from 1875 - 1885. Shortly after his death Alfonso XII was born. For this time his mother oversaw the government. The First Spanish Republic was proclaimed in 1873. Two years later the Bourbons returned again to the throne until 1931. Then an election took place and the Second Republic of Spain was established ushering an era of hope and optimism.


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