The recommendation of Chinese Amazon website

1.Introduction of product

Product Description in Chinese Amazon
Product Description in Chinese Taobao

This can be seen from the above products description, Chinese Amazon is not set the case which the online customer service, for the introduction of products is relatively simple, compared to Chinese another electricity supplier Taobao, this product is far less than Taobao, in addition, because Taobao also set up online customer service, it will bring a great challenge to Chinese amazon. Therefore, Chinese Amazon need to make some changes and improvements in the product page, the use of more detailed pictures and text on the function of the product can be added, so that users can more quickly make purchasing decisions.

2.Store search

No store search in home page
The third is store search

There are two kinds of traditional online shopping in China, including the search for the brand name and the name of the store. However,Amazon is more emphasis on the product itself, the general buyers search keywords, the list is generally displayed about the product.However, China's other local electricity supplier Taobao added the store search in home page.Therefore, in order to be able to better adapt to the Chinese people's shopping habits, the Chinese Amazon should be appropriate to provide information about the seller's shop for users to choose.

3.Advertising promotion

Few advertisements on right in website(Amazon)
A lot of advertisements in middle of website(Taobao)

Because most of the Chinese consumers lack some professional understanding, so the dependence on advertising is relatively large. However,Amazon has not paid much attention to all kinds of advertising, buyers enter the site to see the general background data association recommendation and recommendation based on ranking.This will cause consumers to pay attention to the scope of the commodity is too narrow.Therefore, proper advertising promotion is necessary in the current Chinese market.This approach will bring more attention to the user and all kinds of products for Chinese Amazon.

Chinese electricity supplier Taobao and Amazon comparison

With the increasingly fierce business environment, Chinese Amazon needs from product introduction, store search, advertising in several aspects to improve the localization level of interactive and with the user, so as to enhance the user loyalty to the website.

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