Diary of a Clownfish by Andrew Kasten and Ryan Graham

Dad says there are three things i should always remember: The anemone is your protection, are home always needs fixing, and never trust a shark.
nov 1 Today I went to explore and i met someone new. His name was gill. he had a weird scratch near his eye. His nickname for me was shark bait.
nov 3 Today i learned the great barrier reef is in bad shape. I explored the whole reef. It took 24 hours.
nov 6 Today we had our test on how to get away from divers. I got an a+. Scott the starfish failed. He actually got caught.
nov 9 Today we went to the shallow waters and I never noticed how much crazy people were riding those boards.
nov 12 today i went on a field trip with my teacher stin g. ray to the stingray migration. mr. ray saw his grandpa. his grandpa was the slowest one.
nov 13 today we saw a boat and told the town. everybody panicked we hid in the reef for about 5 hours.
nov 15 today was crazy, i dodged a net that almost got me and all my friends. almost half the town got captured.
nov 16 today we took a vacation to the open waters. the only thing we saw were a few whales.
3 things i like about being a clown fish are my color, nobody can get in my home, and the sharks live on the other side of the reef. 3 things i don't like about being a clown fish are my size, my friends can't come in my house, and most big fish can't see me. 3 things that scare me are boats, divers, and nets.


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