Patrick Henery's photo journal By : Allyson

Today I took a lesson on how to fire a match lock musket. It was used buy English colonists to fight off there enemies. There are three major parts to the musket, the match, lock, and the ammunition. To fire the musket you, put the burning match in the lock, after you put the ammunition in the musket, then you pull the trigger to fire

I took this image at the Indian exhibit, on the wall there were lots of skin such as bear skin, beaver skin and skunk tails. In the background you can see wigwams that were hand made by some of the women in the tribe. These homes were used as protection from the weather and from other tribal attacks.

Printer shop

Since I am a lawyer and was once a governor I would be needing lots of supplies from the printer's shop. I spend most of my time writing, I write letters to congress and to my clients. I also had letters, and documents printed for me. The smell of the ink the sound of the press, all felt like home to me. At the printer I would buy quilts, ink and paper. Considering I am rich I would buy all of the items I needed. I order to npbuy the items I would pay for them using pounds. Although I would not pay for anything expensive.

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