Abuse of power Jody Assumes money=power

When Jody first comes to town he asks the locals "where is de mayor" (35) Jody has this confidence that he is better than every one else and wants to make changes in the first day that he is in town and takes the role of leader of the town by his own choice

Jody makes himself mayor and and is not willing to change himself "ah often wonder dat lil wife of hismakes out wid him, he's a man that changes everything but nothing don't change him."(45) Jody makes many changes throughout the town like the lights and his big flashy house but is unwilling to change himself and his values as a person

Jody puts himself on a pedestal above the other people in town when he takes over. This is shown in the quote "take for instance the new house of his. It had two stores with porches, with banisters and such things. The rest of the town looks like servants quarters surrounding the big house."(47) This shows how Joe obviously thinks of himself as more important that the others living there,because he made the streetlights, a big flashy house and his gold spittoon.

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