A Norwegian Christmas By: Landon kingkade

Where Norwegian Christmas is celebrated

  • Most families in Norway celebrate some variation of christmas
  • Mostly Christian families are the ones to most likely celebrate christmas
A christian Norwegian church celebrating its Christmas eve play

Christmas in Norway is much alike Christmas in the U.S. We both also celebrate Christmas to symbolize the day that baby Jesus came into this world.

Jesus Christ is born, also giving life to Christmas

Norwegian Christmas is celebrated from December 25th - January 6th, which is a lot different then our traditional Christmas, which is only celebrated for 1 day!

Here are some other cool and interesting facts about Norwegian Christmas:

  • Christmas has only one holiday that is alike, which is Hannakah, both celebrated in Norway.
  • Some customs include wearing white and nice clothing, eating white foods, and especially eating the traditional food, Rommogrot, which has a story, that each child gets a bowl of it, and it is gone the morning of Christmas, then said child has to be good for the whole coming year!
Bowl of traditional Norwegian Christmas food

Nowegian Decorations

Norwegian Christmas decorations include:

  • Christmas Trees
  • Norwegian Flags
  • Lights
  • Banners
  • Traditional nativity sets
  • Ornaments made of straw
Decorated Norwegian Christmas tree

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Created By
Landon Kingkade


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