Giant pandas DYlan Vega

Giant pandas eat up to 85 pounds a day

Giant pandas have two babies at once

Giant pandas are good at climbing

Giant pandas are Indiangerd

Help save giant pandas


Created with images by edenpictures - "Panda" • gill_penney - "Giant Panda, Chengdu, Sichuan april 2009 2246" • Gellinger - "emotion nature animal" • Jeff Kubina - "Giant Panda" • shypanda - "Mao mao,be happy in the heaven where there's no quake" • andrewmalone - "Giant Panda" • probabilistic - "IMG_5654" • gill_penney - "Giant Panda Cub, Chengdu, Sichuan april 2009 350D 2126" • edenpictures - "Panda Bear" • edenpictures - "Panda Bear" • gill_penney - "Giant Panda, ChengduSichuan april 2009 350D 2070"

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