Japan 2017

A few views of Shibuya Crossing. The most busiest cross walk in the world.
Vending machines are everywhere. And the instructions are insane.
Metro lines are extremely extensive. But once you understand it ( most all is in English also) it is quite easy to use. We had noodles at one of many small restaurants, this one had an ATM type of ordering device you fed money to, and your ticket come out for the kitchen to make your meal. Crazy.
Ok, yes chop sticks are used to eat noodles. And yes, I had too much on that serving. And yes, you are not to cut the noodles, but are to slurp up all of then. Go with the flow...
First two days were at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. A beautiful hotel. Now we moved down the street in the same Ropongi area to our rented apartment. Nice place in a nice neighborhood.
A few hours to the Edo Tokyo museum. To learn about 14th thru 18th century Japan. Very interesting compared to what Europe and America was progressing at that time.
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