Why We should Question Leaders Questioning leaders builds stronger individuals

Questioning leaders reminds them how to improve for the better. We remind them were there falls are to help them improve as better individuals. All around the world, in business, academics and government, people want leaders that can be trusted, relied upon and have a genuine commitment to help solve the issues that are holding back the advancement of community, commerce and humanity. They have to be reliable and this happens through questioning there abilities to do so.
Followers giving criticism and feedback lets the leader know how to step up the game and become stronger, smarter, more effective and gives them direction.
Without questioning leaders, we wont hold accountable of many things they could be doing. They could lose track and become bad role models, making them lose good followers who were looking up to them. When you ask leaders questions, it reminds them, and makes them think, letting them know the world is watching there each and every footstep, it may also help them think more critically and know what kind of problems the followers may be facing, so the leader can come up with a effective solution.

Followers are looking for guidance from leaders. In the walking Dead, many leaders are tested/questioned to be held accountable for anything they MAY have done or be doing so everyone can be safe from danger, many followers can be skeptical. When you are seen as a leader, people are expecting you to contribute towards the greater good for whatever it is they do. Like if they were the chief of a hospital, a Veteran or Chef Ramsay or even a manager, they are either looking for success or improvement. You are responsible and accountable for any mistake they may do, because they learnt it from you, the head/ leader.

When leaders get perspective from followers, they know where to adjust change and direction , not just to make themselves have the ability to be skillful,liable and smart, but also have the ability to be good role models for the people who look up to them. The people will become highly influenced, becoming better followers. A leader has the ability to start a revolution to eradicate turmoil and overthrow systems that oppress and use violence on citizens . If one thing goes wrong, the possibility of everything going down is highly at stake which if why followers opinion and feedback/voice matters. Leaders can sometimes become manipulative and use there power to deceive and exploit their followers. They have the power to brainwash peoples minds into hating certain races, for example Hitler, took advantage of his power to brainwash a whole country into hating Jews and convinced people that they weren't human and deserved to die. This is why followers need to stay woke and question authority figures all the time so they do not abuse their power and capabilities to use oppression to gain power from the government system. Followers should only be supportive for the right reasons and trust their leader.

Fact is,Leaders play a major role in determining the success or failure of an system which is why they should always be held questionable on every action they take.

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