Bang By: jemya

Once again Drake Irene make it out without being discovered

Tristan followed numbly, keeping his thoughts to himself

his eyes wide and terrified

bathing in light from the flashlight

Drake spun slowly, Hall's rifle resting in his lap

he had been fiddling with it for the last five minutes

figured how to eject the magazine

a clip of twelve stunning darts


remembering brand saying

"More's the pity."

"So what are we going to do?" asked Irene

Drake slammed the magazine back into the rifle

played with the safety tab on the side of the weapon

he put it down.

afraid he might shoot himself or his allies

Tristan sighed and wrapped himself in his arms

"I can't spend the next five years here, not now I...I won't be

able to look any of them in the eye. They'll know I know."


Created with images by jhusemannde - "handcuffs 8 black silver" • 15299 - "drilling oil rig" • LithiumProductions - "gun rifle military" Words borrowed from "The Rig" by Joe Ducie

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