Editorials with Elizabeth Samantha Romero, the noble academy

Walking towards the fine arts hall, Elizabeth gets lost. This is Elizabeth's first year in this summer program. "I've came before with my sister and my mom" she says "but either way we kept getting lost, this campus is very confusing."
After making it to class on time, Elizabeth starts working. She takes a writing class for newspaper. "I very much enjoy my class, although I wish it were closer to spruce" says Elizabeth.
This is Elizabeth's project partner. They are working on writing an article about women empowerment. "she is helpful and i like working with her, we're a good team" says Elizabeth.
This is what Elizabeth's desk looks like. Elizabeth is part of her school's newspaper. " I enjoy writing" she says 'I love learning new things and showing people what i learned."
With an article on her side, Elizabeth researches information that would be useful in her article. She had an assignment due so she wasn't able to research much last night. "I like researching because it shows how much hard work i put into my article."
After class, this is Elizabeth's route back to Spruce Hall. It is not as far as Franklin. " I enjoy walking at my own pace, i take my time" says Elizabeth.

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