War of the Roses By hailey schwartz

The Houses

There were two different houses. There was the Lancaster house which was represented by a red rose. There was also the House of York which was represented by a white rose.

Henry VI vs. Edward IV

The king at the start of the war was Henry VI. Edward IV was the first york to become king. Both houses claimed to have a right to the English throne. Margaret of Anjou then, took control of the country and fought against Henry’s enemies.

Richard III- Guilty or Not

Richard III ruled England for 2 years. He also couldn't become King for a while because everybody else was before him. 2 princes were locked in the Tower of London and disappeared. The fake crown fell off and turned into a real crown in the dream. The black raven appeared and the black raven means death.

Battle of Bosworth

England lost a lot of belongings to France. Richard III was killed during this war. He was killed at the age of 32 during Battle of Bosworth Field.

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

The tudor's and Richard III began fighting in war during the time of the Battle of Bosworth.


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