Reflective Journal Week 1

This first week has been very interesting in terms of diversity in colleges and universities and how this factor has created new ideas and programs in different institutions, also created conflicts with prospective students like the famous case of Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin.


I enjoyed readings, videos, and colleagues’ postings and analysis. Everyone has a unique perspective on the base of their own experience working in higher education.

Students Engagement, Career, Diversity, and Success.

In my particular case, I work at a community college where the student population is predominantly African-American and Hispanic. However, retention and graduation rates are highest among white males and female. This situation has caught the attention of our directors and administrators and caused alarm about our programs, student engagement, and institutional effectiveness. As a result, my institution has created different programs aimed at this population and encourages them to achieve their goals since the first semester.

All videos posted this week were interesting and they reflected the value of having a degree and how students can achieve their objectives. One of those videos captured my attention was the Dr. Cornel West's interview, a philosopher, political activist, and Professor of Religion at Princeton. It was amazing his passion talking about race in this era and his beliefs about our higher education system.

Sandra Quintero, January 16, 2017


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