AP Studio Art Summer Assignments Page By: Bailey Carter

The AP Studio Art students had summer assignments that included practicing their contouring, highlighting, and coloring. Some of the projects assigned included a favorite meal, clothing item, a self-portrait, and many more. They used many different mediums from pen and colored pencils to sharpie and markers.

This is senior Kaitlynn Northrup’s, "Favorite Meal," piece for the AP Studio Art Drawing summer assignment. She was instructed to draw her favorite meal. “Breakfast good enough to eat,” Northrup said.

The self-portrait to the left is by Senior Sade Reese. She made a contour self-portrait from a forward angle. It is a black and white self portrait of her face.

This piece above is titled "Mat Board Succulents" and was created by senior Marissa Vaughan. One part of the piece was done on a black mat board (left) and a white mat board (right). She used Prismacolor Pencil, watercolor paints, and pen.

Senior Veria Puerta-Alvarado’s piece (right) is titled, Fruits. The piece was done on brown paper with a black sharpie and white pencil for highlights. “Fruits made with pen and colored pencils for a fruitastic day!,” Puerta-Alavarado said.

This piece by senior Raphaela Cerallos-Jimenez is titled "Hands to the Soul." This piece is Cerallos-Jimenez’s hands holding her favorite poetry book.
Both pieces are by senior Logan Carter. Contour of Room (above) is a drawing of a kitchen on yellow paper with black and green outlines.

The piece on the left is Carter’s contour self-portrait in black and white. These pieces both helped Carter practice her contouring while she was on summer break.

Senior artist, Emily Woods created the above piece of her favorite dress on a complementary color. She drew her favorite yellow dress on a purple background. Woods used prismacolor markers and sharpies.
Ana Feliz created this piece called Shoes. Feliz created this piece on brown paper with black sharpie and used white pencil for highlights. “In honor of my favorite shoes,” Feliz said.

Artists Featured: Kaitlynn Northrup, Logan Carter, Emily Woods, Sade Reese, Ana Feliz, Veria Puerta-Alavarado, Raphaela Cerallos-Jimenez, and Marissa Vaughan. Information gathered from: Katy Farmer

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