My Journey a discovery in art

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. ~Stella Adler

An artist, a designer, a memory keeper, a thinker finding visual expression and meditation in creating images with colour, shapes and textures.

Rediscovering a joy in life and an outlet to express it.

Gentle hints

Why did it take me so long to discover the wonder of digital art software? I suppose I thought it was only meant for 'real' artists and graphic designers. The rest of us were not invited to the party. In mid-2010, whilst desperately looking for a why to create art without a physical paintbrush, I stumbled onto the online digital scrapbooking world and slowly taught myself Adobe Photoshop Elements. Traditional scrapbook layouts soon got boring for me after I discovered the 'artsy' world of Anne Aspnes and was inspired by the pieces she, and her creative team, produced. Her pieces opened up whole new possibilities to me and I've been flying in fun ever since...

Layering over a photo captured on my phone
Flower moods

As more and more photo art apps appear for smartphones, there are more and more possibilities for what you can turn your everyday snapshots into. The flowers were quick shots taken on my phone whilst stuck in a doctor's waiting room... some filtering and overlays later produced the above.

Dark and light

Taking a photograph, a scanned magazine page or a poor quality image from the web and reimaging it by manipulation with layers of brushes and blending tools.

  • A photograph taken for Kapoeta Designs to advertise their feather cuffs and jeweller is filtered, layered with brushes and several blend modes to create my own version of the image.

And voila!

Scans from magazine pages are reimagined
Grunged up
Layered and reworked
Originally a Louis Vuitton advertisement featuring Michelle Williams
Created By
Maire OReilly


Kapoeta Designs, Vanity Fair, MB O'Reilly

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