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October is National Principals Month. We thank our amazing principals for their dedication to student success and well-being. Above, from left to right: Katie Andersen (Chatsworth Ave. School), Joanne Hindley (Central School), Emily Macias-Capellan (Hommocks Middle School), Elizabeth Clain (Mamaroneck High School), Neill Alleva (Mamaroneck Ave. School) and Colleen Melnyk (Murray Ave. School). We are six schools, but one District. We are Mamaroneck! Look for our #WeAreMamaroneck on social media posts.

October, 2019

District Highlights

  • Character Education Initiatives at Hommocks Middle School Inspire Kindness
  • Similar Messages of Kindness, Inclusion Pervasive at Elementary Level
  • Daughter of Little Rock Nine Visits with MHS Students
  • District Launches New App, Available in App Store and Google Play
  • Hmx Students Make Cricket S'Mores as Part of Taboo Food Unit
  • Murray Ave. School Holds First-Ever Fun Run Touting School Values
  • MAS Library Sports New Look and Feel: A Model in Education Design
  • 45th Anniversary of PACE Kinesthesia Coming Soon
  • MHS Students Participate in Live LMCTV Show on Climate Change
  • Fall Colors Enliven Our School Gardens

Hommocks' Start with Hello Campaign Inspires Kindness

Hommocks Middle School students and staff participated in the week-long "Start with Hello" campaign, showing their commitment to inclusivity and kindness. With different themes each day, the Hommocks community pledged to focus on remaining kind to one another throughout the year. This is one of several positive character education initiatives being implemented under the leadership of April Francis, the new Director of Student Life at Hommocks Middle School.

The Hommocks "Start with Hello" campaign is one of many positive character education initiatives taking place at Hommocks Middle School this year.

Student Diversity Leaders Host Unity Day During National Bullying Prevention Month

Hommocks Middle School Diversity Leaders, a group of students committed to taking the lead in advocating for a more inclusive school community, hosted "Unity Day" to address bullying through acceptance of differences. This same group of students comes together weekly with Ms. Francis as a lunch leadership group, where they discuss and plan out upcoming related programming in the school. "It has been wonderful working with students, teachers and parents to begin forming the foundation for a more inclusive school community," Ms. Francis said. Among the other lunch leadership groups that have been developed or are being developed at Hommocks this year are the Peer Ambassadors, Young Men Moving Forward, Young Ladies Empowerment, Peer Mentors and My Brother's/Sister's Keeper. These programs enable students to further their social skills by taking on leadership roles; they are designed to engage, empower and inspire positive actions among all students within the school community.

Unity Day 2019: Students wrote messages on construction paper strips and stapled them together, resulting in one long, connected chain to visually represent the power of uniting for a common cause.

Similar Messages of Empathy, Acceptance & Kindness Pervasive at Elementary Level

In October, students at our elementary schools also received messages about believing in themselves, accepting others, and showing empathy. Thank you to SEPTA for making the Addy and Uno show possible for our 2nd and 3rd graders from across the District.

All 2nd and 3rd grade students across our four elementary schools came together at Hommocks Middle School to see “Addy and Uno” (one performance for each grade), the NYC-based children’s musical raising awareness of various disabilities and conveying the message we are all more alike than we are different.
Just one example of the many positive character initiatives taking place at all four elementary schools: Central School held its CORE assemblies earlier this month. CORE stands for Communicating with Others Respectfully Every Day! The read-aloud of "Say Something!" by Peter Reynolds captivated students' attention. Through the long-standing CORE program -- designed to foster social literacy -- teachers, staff and administrators facilitate discussions to address the important issues of respect, responsibility, community, compassion, and communication and teach conflict resolution skills. Multiple times throughout the year, the entire school reads the same carefully chosen picture book.

Daughter of Little Rock Nine Member Visits with MHS Students Following Study of Identity Bias, Discrimination

Contemporary civil rights activist and playwright, Spirit Trickey (daughter of Minnijean Brown Trickey, member of the Little Rock Nine) visited with MHS 9th grade students, who just completed a new four-week curriculum in English and Social Studies classes focused on identity, bias, the danger of a single story and discrimination. This curriculum infused many concepts of Facing History and Ourselves, our cherished partner for the past 15 years.

Spirit Trickey, daughter of Little Rock Nine member Minnijean Brown Trickey, speaks to MHS students.

New District App Available in App Store and Google Play

Don't forget to download the new Mamaroneck School District app for everything all in one place! Search "Mamaroneck Public Schools" in the App store or Google Play to get easy access to News, Calendars, Directory (email staff members right from the app), Athletics, Social Media, Parent Tools & more.

District Calendar, Directory, and News are among the new app features. Download the app by searching "Mamaroneck Public Schools" in App Store or Google Play

Mmmmm, Those Cricket S'Mores Taste Good!

Hommocks 8th graders used nutrition-packed cricket flour to explore taboo foods and make Cricket S'Mores in Family & Consumer Science class, exploring the question: Are insects the future of food?

8th grade Family & Consumer Science students were more than willing to try roasted crickets. They tasted five different varieties of Cricket Bites: Roasted original; cheesy ranch; spicy cayenne; buffalo wing sauce; and hickory smoked bacon. See more photos here.

Murray Ave. School Holds First-Ever Fun Run

Under new leadership at Murray Ave. School (Principal Colleen Melnyk and Assistant Principal Matt Porricelli), the entire Murray Ave. school community participated in the first-ever Boosterthon Fun Run to raise money for various PTA programs and tout the school's core values: Gratitude, Kindness, Humility, Generosity and Honesty. Students had a blast, and school spirit is high!

The first-ever Murray Ave. School Fun Run raised money for a multitude of PTA programs.

MAS Library Redesigned to Increase Student Collaboration, Enhance Support Performance

Thanks to a Mamaroneck Schools Foundation grant, Mamaroneck Ave. School has new cozy and colorful library furniture that makes collaboration among students easier and more fun. The white tables double as a whiteboard and function as a way to share ideas, brainstorm, and express one’s thinking. This reconfigured space is a result of school leadership's ongoing study of schools around the world to understand emerging leading practices in education design and the impact on student performance.

The reconfigured library at Mamaroneck Ave. School sports a new look & feel and is a model for 21st century instructional space design.

Coming Soon: 45th Anniversary of PACE's Kinesthesia

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming 45th anniversary of PACE Kinesthesia at Mamaroneck High School's PACE Theater Wednesday, Nov. 20th - Saturday, Nov. 23rd.
Shown Above: Our PACE (Performing Arts Curriculum) seniors! So many great shows planned for this year...Check out the full 2019-20 PACE schedule here.

MHS Students Participate in Live LMCTV Show on Climate Change

Two Mamaroneck High School sophomores, Jen Novick and Allesandra Hintz, were guests on the recent LMCTV Local Live show, where they discussed climate change. Moderated by former MHS Video Teacher Michael Witsch, the students -- also joined by two Rye Neck High School students -- talked about their involvement in creating the "Eco Reps" club that focuses on local recycling efforts and helps address issues of environmental impact in our community and beyond.

Fall Colors Enliven Our School Gardens

The Hommocks garden is looking beautiful! Sixth graders from Family and Consumer Sciences classes harvested the lettuce, spinach and radishes they planted. They worked hard cleaning up weeds from the garden and clearing the cover crop from the summer to make this happen.
Chatsworth Ave. School 1st graders learned about good soil versus bad soil, composting and the role of cover crops. They got their hands dirty and enjoyed planting seeds and looking for bugs.
Monarch butterflies, beginning of a 2,000 mile journey to Mexico, have been spotted in the Mamaroneck Ave. School garden.
Pictured Above: 1st graders garden in the Murray Ave. School Meadow.
Vibrant fall colors abound at Central School.