Retroviridae By: christian eriksson

The formal definition of a Retroviridae is: any of a family of single-stranded RNA viruses having a helical envelope and containing an enzyme that allows for a reversal of genetic transcription, from RNA to DNA rather than the usual DNA to RNA, the newly transcribed viral DNA being incorporated into the host cell's DNA strand for the production of new RNA retroviruses.

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The most famous Retroviridae, or more commonly know as Retrovirus, is HIV.

One singular HIV virus

HIV electron magnescope [Digital image]. (n.d.). Retrieved January 30, 2017, from

HIV electron magnescope [Digital image]. (n.d.). Retrieved January 30, 2017, from

What a HIV virus is simulated to look like

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When is Retroviridae helpful? - Endogenous Retroviruses (ERV's). These types of retroviruses are present in our body and help to prevent other retroviruses from infecting us.

How can Retroviruses be helpful to the medical research?

Scientists are using modified HIV cells to combat cancer. In this case, the retrovirus is being used to stop another retrovirus, making it useful for medical research and medicine. What the new research has shown is that using these disabled HIV cells makes the immune system much stronger and helps the body fight cancer by itself. This is like a super vaccine. The thing that breaks down the immune system is now building it up and making it kill cancerous cells. Since it is a vaccination, it is the most useful and effective on smaller children since their immune system is constantly changing.

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