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Wittenberg university

Wittenberg's Motto

Ezry the Tiger Wittenberg's mascot


Twitter: @wittenberg

Instagram: wittenberguniversity

Why Wittenberg?

Wittenberg is a university that I and others could consider for many reasons. One large reason is its location it is within an hour of Hilliard so I can be close to home while still having freedom. The size is also a very important factor to me it's a smaller school with small class sizes so you can develop a relationship with your professors. I also really like that it has my major which is very important to me. This school sounded interesting because it's a smaller school and it focuses highly on service. I think it's very cool to have a college so focused on giving back and using that to help students learn more in their future career field.


Wittenberg is located in Springfield Ohio. It is about a 45 minute drive and located 43 miles west of Hilliard.

Map from Hilliard to Wittenberg.


Stained glass window depicting the story of Wittenberg

Campus Church

Ferncliff Hall

Zimmerman Hall (Psychology Building)

Meyers Hall

Recitation Hall

General Information

1,865 undergrad students.

Located in the small town of Springfield

Small class sizes

77% return for sophomore year

Wittenberg is a division III school for athletics. They are more known for their academics and close teacher student relationships. They are also known for their community service efforts.

The hollow is a popular hang out spot for students in the warm months
This Wittenberg seal has a legend surrounding it. If you step on the seal once you fail your next class. If you step on it twice you fail that class if u step on it three times you will flunk out. After graduation students take pictures stepping on the seal to celebrate the end of classes and tests.

Greek life is popular on campus 37% of men and 52% of women join fraterniTies and sororities


#154 (tie) In National Liberal arts college

#90 (Tie) in hIgh school councelor rankings


Top 5majors at Wittenberg

18%Social Sciences





I would like to major in Psychology and minor in Chemistry or Pre-health. I chose these fields of study because I really want to be a psychiatrist for adolescents.

Enrollment Requirements

SAT/ACT Test Scores are not required

Majority of Students are in the top half of their class and higher and have a gpa of 3.5 or higher

They HaVe a rolling admission at wittenberg but Early action (non binDing) deadline is december 1.

Around 91% of applicants accepted about 12%of those enroll

Class rank, gpa, and rigor of your secondary school academics are all very important

Application essay, recommendation letters, character, extra curriculars, and volunteer work are all important.

Alumni vs first generation, test scores, interviews, and work experience are all considered.

Housing Options

There are 7 residence halls on campus. There are no quote on quote freshman dorms housing is determined by who puts down their deposit with the request first. All freshmen have to live in a double room except for in medical circumstances.

Meyers Hall

Meyers Hall is the honors dorm and requires a specific gpa which must be maintained. It offers singles, doubles, triples, and quads. Freshmen can only live in the doubles.

Floor plan for forth floor women's doubles only

Meyers Hall is located in the center of almost all the academic buildings with easy access to most classes. The cost per year of this dorm per person for a double is $2,579.

Ferncliff Hall

Ferncliff is an old mansion that has been converted to dorms. This dorm house women's and males singles and doubles as well as coed doubles.

Layout of first floor women's doubles only

Ferncliff is located on the south side of campus it is farther away from academic buildings and other residence halls to give an off campus feel while still being emerged in campus life. The cost per year per person for a double is $2,579.

Fraternity and sorority housing is also available for Juniors and seniors

Off campus housing close by is also a great choice for juniors and seniors

Most of the houses and apartments surrounding campus are owned by Wittenberg and are rented to students and maintained by Wittenberg to keep the area near by safe.

Off campus Wittenberg owned housing

Cost of Attending

$40 application fee can be waived based on need

Meal Plans

5 meal plans are offered at Wittenberg however only two are offered to freshmen. 1 is available for just upperclassmen. 2 are offered to Greek or off campus students.

The two plans available to freshman are the carte blanche plan which includes unlimited meals and $100 bonus dollars and the 225 flex meal plan with $100 bonus dollars. The 225 flex meal plan averages out to about 14 meals a week. Bonus dollars can be used at any dinning service location just like cash or a credit card. These bonus dollars can be used to visit post 95 and founders as well which are other on campus dining options. The meal plan can be used in two places the Center Dining Room (CDR) or the Simply- to- Go (STG) in the Kuss science center.

Post 95 is the campus pizza place and founders is the pub. students over 21 can come here for alcohol and students under can come for food and milkshakes. less than 15 minutes away is schulers bakery an amazing donut place and many other food places such as frischs big boy.

Sample dining menu for the CDR

Campus Involvement

Greek life on campus is very popuLar. Fraternities and sororities are all highly involved in community service.

Lily from wittenberg said " there are so many clubs on campus to choose from" she is also a leader in one of the sororities on campus.

Service is a huge part of Wittenberg and community service is required for graduation.

Unique Facts

John E McLaughlin former deputy director of the CIA and Al Davis former football coach and was principal owner and manager of the Oakland Raiders both graduated from WittenberG.

An urban legend of Myers Hall involves a horse that haunts the dorm and can be heard galloping in the Hollow behind the dorm. According to the tale, Myers Hall was used as a Civil War hospital to house ill soldiers. As speculated, a general of the war staying in the hospital requested to see his horse before his death. However, after the visit the animal was unable to take the flight down the front stairs and was shot. Since then, the spirit of the animal is said to live on in Myers Hall.

Sigma Kappa is haunted by a man named Gus Sun and his daughter. Gus was a theatre owner and a booking agent headquartered in Springfield. Some headliners who Gus helped in the early days included Bob Hope, Ted Lewis, Sophie Tucker, and Will Rogers. Gus died of pneumonia at Mercy Hospital after breaking his hip in a fall on the street. He was 90 years old. Gus’ daughter supposedly died in a fire.

Lily current Wittenberg student shared that wittenberg is in a crow migration around february so every year hundreds of crows will sit in the trees on campus.

Personal Refelction

Wittenberg really stood out to me through research, a visit and talking to students for three key reasons. The first reason is the sense of community there. everyone is so kind and seems to know everyone. I really love how close this school is and how kind everyone is. Another reason is strong community service there. Everyone is so excited to give back and i think that's super cool, even all the Greek houses focus more on GPA and service than partying. The last thing I found super cool is how the helpful the professors are. They are always around to help you and willing to work with you. This college is a pretty reasonable. The cost its more expensive, but with their scholarships the school is a reasonable choice and I meet all the requirements to get in. I really love this school it is definitely in my top three schools. I would recommend this school to anyone who really wants to have a small school experience and wants to build close relationships with professors. Wittenberg is an amazing school with a high Greek life involvement and amazing staff members. it is most definitely a great school, but Wittenberg is not for everyone. Anyone who wants to experience a big school or who does not want to do volunteer work would not enjoy life at Wittenberg.

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