Volume of 3D Shapes By: leanna, adam, ruben

To find the volume of a 3D shape, you must know the FORMULA.

  • Cylinder: V=Bh / 3.14 x R*2 x H
  • Cube: V=lwh
  • Rectangular Prism: V=Bh / lwh
  • Triangular Prism: V=Bh / 3.14 x R*2 x H

Our friend Ruben will go up and show how to work it out.

And that is how you find the volume of 3D shapes! By: Group 4

Our rating on Adobe Sparks is that it's a bit complicated, because of our situation. We wish that Adobe Sparks had more options for the words. Overall, Adobe Sparks was complicated to use and needs more options. We would most likely not use Adobe Sparks again. We all enjoyed working together because everyone was productive.


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