The Brite Platform

Your easiest investment decision

The Brite platform is designed with the aim of maximising your pension or investment assets and it's where we select and trade securities, manage risk and rebalance portfolios all as effectively and efficiently as possible.

It's the new, intelligent investing experience that brings portfolios to life. A complete, low fee investment solution, so more of your money is invested, generating better returns over time.

Who are Brite?

The Brite Platform is run by Brite Advisors - a global company with offices and teams around the world dedicated to acting in the client’s best interests with high quality pension planning and investment advice. Formed in 2016, Brite Advisors has created a new and better way for you to invest.

Today, Brite Advisors is one of the world’s leading UK pension innovators with its tech-advanced investment platform and end-to-end retirement solution focused on lower costs, transparency and tax efficiency to meet the needs of the international investor.

So wherever you are, Brite’s investment platform can provide the perfect answer.

Smarter technology

Our innovative platform can support you no matter your fund size and allows you to see your portfolio in one place, 24/7 with complete transparency.

Brite also offers the ultimate tax efficient trading and rebalancing engine with reporting, ensuring portfolios are always up to date and in line with local regulations and investment strategies.

Costs are transparent too - a straight 0.50% platform fee p.a. plus an ETF transaction cost of around 0.15% per annum (adjusted directly through the net asset value of the fund). Nothing more - everything included.

A summary of the Brite Platform

  • Easy set-up

Can be set up quickly with a cash lump sum or transfer from an existing pension arrangement.

  • Lower Cost

We use Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to keep costs down.

  • No hidden fees

You’ll always know how much you’re paying and we’ll never hide charges from you. We charge 0.5% for asset management and 0.5% for advisory making a total annual fee of 1%, no more.

There is an additional ETF transaction expense adjusted directly through the net asset value of the fund of around 0.15% annually.

  • Quick, Easy and Secure Access to your Brite Platform Account

Online access via the Brite App wherever you are, 24/7.

  • Four currencies offered

US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars

  • A Team of Asset Managers

The Brite asset management team are ready to support you

Low fee strategy

The amount you pay in fees affects your portfolio’s performance. Low fees play a pivotal role in our investment strategy. We know that over time this is probably one of the most important factors in generating better returns.

A plan to meet your financial goals

We will build you a diversified portfolio that aims to maximise your returns while keeping you in your risk comfort zone as our team maintains the right investment mix over time.

Optimising your investments

We all want our money to work hard for us and grow. Our approach can save you money, keeps up to speed with the markets and rebalances your portfolio.

As asset managers, we actively construct the asset allocation and select the holding that is rebalanced and optimised periodically. Our strategies are implemented via passive vehicles such as ETFs that are replicating major indices. We also ensure that the portfolio remains within your risk tolerance over the long term.

What is rebalancing?

Rebalancing is used to lower volatility and improve risk adjusted returns – a process that sells assets that have become expensive (or over-weighted in the portfolio) while buying assets that have become cheaper (under weighted in the portfolio).

This investment strategy often produces superior results over the medium to long term.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

We use ETFs which track an index, a specific asset or basket of assets. ETFs cover many areas of the market including stock indices, sectors, commodities, currencies, bonds and even instruments that track the volatility of the stock market(1).

We use them because they are a lower cost way of investing in the stock market and we can pass that saving on to you in the form of a low fee. This in turn means, over time, clients may get a better return as more of their savings are reinvested.

Cost Efficient

The Brite Platform is based on the key principle that investment costs are one of the most significant factors that affect long term portfolio performance. The Brite Platform uses diversified, low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in model portfolios aligned to risk profiles.

The platform delivers model ETF portfolios with automatic rebalancing on your behalf without any added cost.

Furthermore, the Brite Platform does not pass on any transaction costs for the buying and selling of securities to clients.

Our platform core portfolios do not charge additional fees other than our annual fee.

Lower Costs

The Brite Platform delivers model ETF portfolios with automatic rebalancing on your behalf, without any added cost.

Furthermore, the Brite Platform does not pass on any transaction costs for the buying and selling of securities to clients.

Our platform does not include additional fees other than our annual 0.5% asset management fee.

This means:

Zero Trading fees

Zero Quarterly administration fees

Zero Custodian fees

Zero Establishment fees

Zero Withholding tax

The only additional expense to our annual fee is an ETF transaction cost of around 0.15% per annum (adjusted directly through the net asset value of the fund).

Global Retirement Solution

Brite can facilitate personal pension plans designed to accumulate savings which can then be used to provide you with an income when you reach your minimum retirement age.

  • Save efficiently and flexibly and take advantage of the tax benefits of a pension
  • Invest lump sums and transfer existing pension funds
  • Flexible and portable account for changing personal circumstances
  • Access to some funds free of UK tax on commencement of pension drawdown
  • Drawdown without charges
  • Provides beneficiaries with an income or lump sum in the event of death
  • Provides access to a wide range of underlying investments

Investing in the U.S.

If you're moving to the US or want to invest in US securities the Brite Platform is unique in that it provides access to U.S. listed securities in a tax efficient way. Many other solutions withhold tax deducted from dividends at source.

The Brite Platform is different as it can facilitate [tax-free] dividends and in U.S. listed securities. A further benefit to investing in assets on U.S. exchanges versus their European counterparts is that U.S assets traded on U.S exchanges can often have lower expense ratios and higher liquidity.

Portfolio Fee Calculator

Try our simple to use fee calculator to see how higher costs affect investment growth.

The following hypothetical example is based on the assumption compound interest at 6% per annum gross return:

A smarter, cheaper, better investment platform

The Brite Platform offers you a lower-cost, tax-efficient investment solution with model portfolios aligned to your risk profile. Our mobiles app gives you easy access to your portfolio and account so you can keep track of your assets and as we are completely transparent with our charges you’ll know exactly what you're paying.

Your investment advisor will be happy to discuss with you how the Brite Platform could help grow your portfolio.



Additional Explanatory Notes and Disclaimers:

1. Past performance is not indicative of future returns and the value of investments and the income derived from them can go down as well as up. Future returns are not guaranteed, and a loss of principal may occur. ETFs are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal. The value of the portfolio will fluctuate with the value of the underlying securities. ETFs may trade for less than their net asset value. Investors should consider an ETF’s investment objective, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing.

2. Any returns presented are hypothetical. Hypothetical returns are net of estimated advisory fees and transaction cost. The assumed 6% return is only an illustration and assumes annual compounding. Actual strategy returns from live portfolios may differ materially from hypothetical returns. There is no substitute for actual returns from a live portfolio. There are inherent limitations in hypothetical model results like those portrayed in this brochure, particularly that such hypothetical results do not reflect trading in actual client accounts. The hypothetical is meant to illustrate the effect of investment management costs on net returns.

3. Hypothetical returns do not reflect the macroeconomic risks of using an investment strategy in a different time period or the financial risk of executing trades in a live portfolio, which include the potential market impact on securities caused by selling or buying and does not take into account the effect of taxes.

4. This Brochure is not intended to be used as a general guide to investing, Always seek professional financial advice before investing.

5. Portfolio rebalancing occurs approximately annually, but no specific rebalancing date is guaranteed.

6. Nothing in this brochure is intended to be and nor should it be construed as tax advice. Always seek professional tax advice from a qualified tax professional before investing.