Your SoE Advising Team The Hidden Curriculum, Episode 3 | Class of 2024

What you should know by now!

Advising in the School of Engineering

We have talked about The SoE Hub over and over again throughout the summer to ensure that you are completely aware of the resources and support that we provide you with as an incoming first-year student.

At this point, we are confident that you know...

  • Who your advisor is (and who all of the Hub the advisors are!)
  • How you can make an appointment with your Hub Advisor
  • The list of classes you should be prioritizing in your first year
  • A basic understanding of your graduation requirements
  • And, that you will transition to your faculty advisor at the end of your first-year!

So what else is there to learn? So much...

Fall 2020: Important Information

We know this is a unique time, so we want to help you take your academics semester-by-semester, week-by-week, or even day-by-day in order to be successful. How?

  • Flexible! Responsive! Reactive! These are the words you should associate with The SoE Hub this fall. Pay attention to all emails from your advisor, and make sure you keep updated with all of The Hidden Curriculum episodes.
  • Online Meetings: Throughout the fall semester, we will continue to take everyone's health and safety seriously. This means that all our advising appointments in the Fall semester will be conducted online or via phone, just as we did this summer (links in the resources section at the end).
  • Time zones: We are aware that we have advisees all over the world. If you need help making an appointment with your advisor at a healthy time for you, please send your advisor an email. We can accommodate - sleep is important!

Keeping up with The SoE Hub

We want to make sure that you don't miss anything! It's super simple to stay in the loop with all things #hublife and be engaged with the School of Engineering and your academics. Our goal is to help you spend your first-year building a solid foundation of resources, people, and goals that lead you to a successful academic career at Rensselaer!

Tips for keeping yourself 'in the know':

  • Check your email! Please read all emails from your Hub Advisor. We are doing everything we can to keep you aware of what you need to know to be successful with your academics. We know your inbox can fill up, so we have provided advice on how to manage this in Episode 4) What You Need to Succeed!
  • Text Alerts: We will text you reminders for important dates, deadlines, events, and updates. Click the link sent by your SoE Hub Advisor to sign up - we've already started texting! We'll even let you know when we send an important email.
  • Follow us on Social Media: We have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you can find the links to all three by visiting the resource section below. (We've even been known to respond to DMs, but you should probably email your advisor first - it's much faster). #hublife #soehub

Get to know our website! We have loads of updated resources waiting for you there, along with a link that gives your full access to your advisor's calendar, 24/7!

Watch this walk through below (we bet there is stuff here that you haven't noticed yet).

Fall 2020: Academic and Career Exploration Programs

As part of your foundation of success, we (and your career center!) have created many programs that complement your first year, just as we aim to accomplish with The Hidden Curriculum.

These include:

As we have mentioned, this year is a unique one! We will host all programs online, and may create more programs based on your needs, questions, or requests. If you need help with something, please let us know! It is likely that your peers could use the same information, and we are always happy to provide any resources.

Note: October is Consultation Month! That means you will need to meet with your SoE Hub Advisor to discuss your spring schedule.

Keep in mind that each advisor is working with hundreds of advisees so it is best to book your appointment early. Even today, you can book an appointment all the way out in October. However, you will want to add it to your personal calendar so that you do not forget!

What happens after The SoE Hub?

School of Engineering's Approach to Advising = Collaboration for Success!

The end of your first year is a long way down the road, but we want you to understand why it is so important to take advantage of our resources now! One day, we will no longer be your advisors, and on that day we want you to feel totally ready to take on the world and build a professional relationship with your faculty advisor.

As a quick reminder...

First-Year: SoE Hub Advisor

  • Initial support for academic planning
  • Major, dual major, and minor requirements
  • Your 4-Year Plan (curriculum planning)
  • Assistance with course registration
  • Referral to support services across campus

Sophomore year through Graduation: Faculty Advisor

  • Connect education to career goals
  • Career and graduate school mentoring
  • Undergraduate research advice
  • Study Abroad, Internship, Co-Op Assistance
  • Arch curriculum/semester away planning

But wait! There's more!

If you want to know more about the support that is waiting for you after you transition from The SoE Hub, check out this webinar (link below) that SoE Hub Advisors Kristin and Valerie did for the Admissions Office, with SoE Student Services Admins Kate Stockton and Rama Hamarneh.

In this webinar you will find information on...

  • The SoE Hub = First-Year Advising
  • What happens when you transition from The SoE Hub
  • What are 'Student Services Administrators' (staff advisors)
  • How will you utilize Engineering Department Offices
  • The relationship with your faculty advisor
  • And so much more!

Resources from Episode 3:

We highly encourage you to bookmark the following links so you can access them whenever you need. Create an 'Academic Advising' folder in your bookmarks and start collecting all the resources we share! It's a good way to always have access to what you need, when you need it, rather than waiting for someone to respond to an email.

You can even bookmark each episode of The Hidden Curriculum if you want to keep all the information and resources together!

Be sure that you follow us on Social Media!

And, have you signed up for text alerts yet? Get on it!

Complete Episode 3

To complete each episode of The Hidden Curriculum, you will take a quick quiz. This allows your Hub Advisor to know if you have completed each required episode, and helps to reaffirm the information that we really want you to walk away with.

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