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Strategy for Standing Out on Social Media

  • A picture is worth 1000 words
  • Caption is King
  • Working the Algorithm

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

images and scenes that say and support the marketing themes you want to prioritize

Former Favorites

Prior to COVID-19 we encouraged filling the screen with smiling faces, groups having fun together, and meeting new friends two & four legged. Now we need to think of the message that sends and how we can share the same sentiment without any negative perspectives.

Social Distancing Strong Imagery

These photos show what we are saying and support that your business, our community, and our sport is the ultimate choice for fun, safe, scenic, and competitive activity that is both naturally socially distant and that we can follow any safety protocols and still maintain the integrity, accessibility, and joy of this sport.

Caption is King

How to make the most out of the verbiage, emoji’s and link sharing to boost your brand.

Basics of Building a Strong Caption

Caption Creation

Strategize the purpose of you post

  1. What are you saying?
  2. Why are you saying it?
  3. How can followers engage with your content?


  • First line should catch attention
  • Second + gives details
  • Gives call to action- link to website, encourages comments, share with other etc.
  • Use brand consistent hashtags &/or relevant emojis
Facebook: Ad links, ask for people to respond in the comments, use minimal hashtags
Instagram: First part of caption needs to be shorter, can use more emojis, add link in your bio, and use more hashtags to create community connections

Catch Attention, Create a Call to Action, Connect with the Community

Working the Algorithm

Using the tools and tips to make images and graphics work for you on social media

Creating Stronger Content


  • Meaningful Content is King: Conversation Starters, Educational, Meaningful to Audience
  • Create videos that are over 1 min long, optimally 3 minutes or more
  • Don't be pushy and lead content with baits to followers into having engagement: like, share, comment
  • Post at peak times; create business profile to use insights
  • Boost your best-performing organic content
  • Track your performance with Facebook Insights and use it's suggestions for optimum posting times


  • Higher Photo Quality
  • Create Video Content
  • Use Instagram Stories, Live, and IGTV
  • Create catchy captions with relevant hashtags
  • Use call to actions ask for tags, likes, follows, comments
  • Post at peak times; create business profile to use insights

Preventing Content Loss

Social Media Graphic Sample
Social Media Graphic Sample

While both platforms can favor plain photos it is important to make sure the purpose of your content isn't lost when someone shares it. You can prevent this by adding context to the image in a graphic or adding text in videos.

For More ASHA Digital Marketing Basics...

See our resource guide available at www.saddlebred.com or email j.cushing@asha.net to request