Severe weather BY LUKA

There many types of severe weather but i am only doing two. wild fires and tornado's. but first i am going to talk about wildfires. wild fires usually extreme droughts when lightning strikes the grass. most wildfires are uncontrolled and are very hard for the fire fighters to put out. before a wild ever occurs you should always be prepared. during a wild fire you should always have an evacuation plan to a basement or a room with no windows. after a wildfire you should evacuate the area until it is safe to enter again.


tornadoes start of as funnel clouds and when they touch the ground it becomes a tornado. on average every year there are about 1000 tornado's. in preparation for a tornado go to a basement or a room with no windows. after a tornado you should stay away from the tornado. tornadoes are very devastating.

Created By
luka lynch


Created with images by skeeze - "wildfire firemen fire" • JDmcginley - "water spout weather spout"

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