Adobe SEO Newsletter Week of May 22, 2017

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Google Warns Against Misusing Links in Syndication & Large-scale Article Campaigns

Links are still a critical part of Google's algorithm, so much so that they are continuing to protect the integrity of the link acquisition process. This week, Google issued a warning to anyone who is distributing or publishing content through syndication or other large-scale means.

Adobe SEO believes that publishing content and syndicating it are not inherently bad; Google just wants you to pay attention to how you acquire links through those methods. Be sure to safegaurd your site with nofollows or canonical tags for published content. It's also important to ask "are we publishing content to build authority or for the sole purpose of getting links?"

Lessons from 1,000 Voice Searches (on Google Home)

Voice Search is a big deal, especially with the proliferation of voice-powered devices becoming more commonplace, like Google Home, Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. But how does search marketing adapt to this shift in search behavior: speaking queries to devices as opposed to typing them in?

Adobe SEO believes that voice search has revealed the next battlefield in SEO, and that's the featured snippet, which appears at the tops of search results pages for question-related queries. On voice-powered devices like Home, Google reads back the featured snippet, so it's critical sites create expert level content that directly addresses the query.

5 Important Tips to Make Your Mobile Design SEO Friendly

Mobile design is something we know to be critical, but is it SEO-friendly? It's important to understand that much of what goes into designing a user-friendly mobile site also appeals to what makes a mobile site optimized, like really fast load times, no pop-ups or intrusive interstitials, big tap targets and clear CTAs, and compelling titles and descriptions.

Adobe SEO believes this provides a good strategic cornerstone to creating optimized mobile experiences, which is what Google ultimately requires from websites that want to be visible. If you have any questions on how to apply SEO and UX principles to your mobile site, reach out to your consultant.

Refurbishing Top Content - Whiteboard Friday

You've got top-performing content on your site that does really well. Maybe it's highly converting, maybe it garners the most qualified traffic — but it's just sitting there gathering dust. Isn't there something else you can do with content that's clearly proven its worth? As it turns out, there is! In today's Whiteboard Friday, Moz's resident SEO and Content Architect, Britney Muller, shares three easy steps for identifying, repurposing, and republishing your top content to juice every drop of goodness out of it

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