Creativity Jumpstart Jumpstart your creativity by learning to master the 12 pillars of creativity

What is Creativity?

My favorite definition of creativity comes from Sir. Ken Robinson:

Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. There are two other concepts to keep in mind: imagination and innovation. Imagination is the root of creativity. ... Innovation is putting new ideas into practice
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. - Picasso

can we improve our creativity?


Research tells us there are 12 Pillars of Creativity

  • Divergent & Convergent Thinking
  • A Strong Purpose
  • Physical Health
  • Actual Skill and a Body of Knowledge
  • Feedback and a Tolerance for Failure
  • Routine
  • Our Physical Space
  • Mental Space sometimes called Incubation Time
  • Curiosity and an overal Tolerance for Ambiguity
  • Motivation and Ambition (especially internal)
  • Autonomy, Opportunities for Making Choices
  • Self Confidence, Self-Acceptance, and a Supporting Belief System

Who am I?

My name is Dr. Christopher Bergeron and part of what I study is the nature of creativity and the ways that we can foster creativity in ourselves and in others.

If you are ready to jump start your creativity sign up today for my 12 week in depth exploration in how you can maximize each of the 12 pillars in your own creative life. Identify your strengths and bring your weaknesses up to where they don't drag you down.

The lessons will be delivered to your email inbox, and an email address is all that you need to get started.

join us ! Right now the course is free. But after a revision or three (based on the feedback from our initial students) we will be steadily raising the price. My personal goal is that the course eventually reaches the $900 - $1,200 range. Joining now gives you an opportunity to help guide the course in that direction while securing your space and enjoying those improvements.


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