Journey Log 7 Openness

This past week I had to write my rough draft for my villain. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do and how to go about the paper. I decided to write about how The Lion King is similar and different to Hamlet. I found a lot of information about how they are so similar so I thought it would be good to compare and contrast to them. I am open to seeing how much I can do with the paper considering it has been hard. I had a hard time figuring out how to start the paper so I put a bunch of different topics together and then went back and tried to make it into paragraphs. I haven't decided how to start or end it but I have figured out how I want to write it.

In class, we had to read other people rough drafts and make comments about how they did. I received quit a few comments and suggestions about mine. I though they were very helpful because I have a lot to work to do still but they gave great honest opinions on how to fix things and make it better. I think it did a great job to help me think more about how I should write the paper and what to put into it. I also made comments on other people papers and thought they did so well compared to me. I am bad at putting thoughts into a great sentences. They do such a great job at knowing what exactly is needed and what will sound good.

I now have learned that there are more assignments to come on minecraft. I know I have talked about how much I hate minecraft, and I still do, but I will do my absolute best on the assignments to come. I am hoping that my brother will be giving me some advice on how to go about them. I have an idea of what I want to do for my sanctuary for my villain Scar. I am just unsure how well it will turn out considering I haven't done well so far. I know I have to do it but I am open to using my creativity and trying new things to get the assignment done and done well. I have been very open so far in this class throughout the journey logs and other assignments. I have put a lot of effort into the class to show that I am trying to do well and that I am learning what needs to be fixed with my writing.

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