Charity has no age Gaurita udiyawar on corporate sellout and charity

“Charity does not need to begin at a particular age, one should not wait to pass a certain threshold to begin charity work. That’s the main motto of Corporate Sellout.”

A lot of people push charity work aside with the thought of “no time, will do it later”.

A corporate lawyer in her mid-twenties fell in love with her work within her first internship. It was then that Gaurita Udiyawar realized that she had no time for charity work. “As a lawyer, I almost never get the free time to do any charity on weekdays. Any lawyer will tell you that our work days’ span easily over 12 hours. That leaves very little scope to do any charity. Therefore, corporate sellouts are something that was initiated as a 'weekend effort'.”

“If someone does not wish to give monetary support they can always work and give back creatively."

Corporate Sellout is a group of lawyers, investment bankers, and entrepreneurs who want to contribute but are busy, it works with such individuals who wish to contribute during the weekends. Corporate Sellout attempts to bypass this perceived lack of time and work around a schedule to give back during the weekends and works only as a mediator between the NGOs and the individuals. They give the NGO contacts to the individuals who are interested in contributing.

"Charity is not just giving back monetary support.”

Gaurita believes there is a lot of misconception not just regarding charity but also among the youth and the middle class.The youth believes that they will start begin to give back once they reach a certain age or once they earn certain of monetary accomplishment, but there is no such thing.

She adds, charity does not mean to join something as extreme as Doctors Without Borders or Red Cross nor working for a NGO full time.

Gaurita herself contributes with Corporate Sellout as well, she visits the NGO to find out their needs and requirements and put them in touch with individuals who are willing and capable to help and she helps personally by teaching the underprivileged children and or helping NGOs manufacture products.

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