Athens Drive Jaguar Stadium By: Abby, Carlos, and Richard

For our Photo Portfolio Project, we chose the Jaguar Stadium at Athens Drive High School. We took photos using different techniques that we learned in class.

Action: Carlos runs on the Jaguar Stadium track.
Reaction: Carlos is surprised at the Jaguar Stadium ticket prices for different athletic games.
Environmental Portrait: Jaguar Stadium is decorated with a variety of plants and flowers.
Rule of Thirds: Carlos hangs out by the football goal at Jaguar Stadium.
Repetition: A drain at Jaguar Stadium allows excess water to run off when it rains.
Interesting Angle (Worms Eye View): Multiple sports are played at Jaguar Stadium, including football, soccer and lacrosse.
Fill the Frame: Jaguar Stadium's scoreboard shows the score for any sports event.
Backlight: Carlos stands in the sun in the middle of the field at Jaguar Stadium.
Leading Lines: The bleachers at Jaguar Stadium lead your eyes towards the end of the field.
Selective Focus: The focus is on the fence surrounding the stadium and the background is blurred.

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