Lemay Audio at the Toronto Audiofest 2018

Lemay Audio made it's debut appearance at the first edition of the Toronto AudioFest

Lemay Audio presented as a world premiere, the Tenor High Powered Audio 350M (mono) HP (High Power) amplifiers running on 220 volts. Lemay Audio had to get the hotel to run a special dedicated 220 Volts power line in the room.

The analog front end consisted of the Kronos Pro turntable

Kronos SCPS-1 PSU (power supply)

Black Beauty tonearm

ZYX Omega premium phono cartridge

Tenor Audio Phono 1 phono preamplifier

The preamp was the Tenor Audio Line 1 line preamplifier with dedicated PSU

The digital front end conisted of a Baetis Audio Reference X server and the Mergin - Nadac ST2 Stereo DAC.

The loudspeakers were the Kef Blades. These have drawn a lot of praise and controversy. From what we discovered, they require a very specific component match, and with the Tenor HP amplifiers, they are revealing and very musical.

Cabling was Inakustik throughout, including three Reference power filters. One for each amplifier and one for the rest of the system.

Finally, the whole system was supported by thirteen Modulum vibration control platforms. From the turntable to the preamps to the amps and the poser filters and the loudspeakers themselves.

LeMay Audio

Francois LeMay gave us the tour of the very impressive looking system that he had set up in his room. The analog source comprised of the Kronos Pro turntable ($49,000), Kronos SCPS-1 PSU power supply ($13,500), the Black Beauty tone arm ($12,500), and the ZYX Omega phono cartridge ($9700). The digital source was made up of the Baetis Audio Reference X server and the Merging Technologies Nadac ST2 DAC ($13,000). Amplification was provided by the Tenor Audio Phono 1 phono preamp ($65,000), Tenor Audio Line 1 line preamp ($126,500), and Tenor Audio 350M mono blocks ($165,000/pair). The speakers were the KEF Blades ($40,000). Cabling was all provided by Inakustik and totaled to $36,660. Inakustik also supplied the three power conditioners which cost $4500 each. The equipment sat on Modulum Audio platforms that together, retailed for $31,700. The retail price of this whole system totaled to a sobering $589,960.

So what does half a million plus Dollars in equipment sound like? Quite impressive! The female vocals were rendered with great presence and a lot of emotion whereas the choral tracks sounded amazingly close to the real thing.

Lemay Audio occupied the Sutton C ballroom with 'if you have to ask' Tenor electronics, Baetis source and Kronos table fronting huge KEF Blades. This was a total dream system brought for our collective listening enjoyment. It filled the hall with ease and absolute authority. Those with small rooms need not apply. This was geared to palatial abodes.

This Montreal dealer occupied one of the biggest rooms at the show. Their system featured full Tenor Audio tube gear driving KEF Blade 2 speakers with Kronos Audio Pro turntable complete with SCPS power supply as the analog source. Digital front consisted of Merging+Nadac Network Attached DAC. Cabling was provided by Inakustik cables from Germany.

I have had the Tenor Audio Amplifier and Pre-amp before in my own system. Jim Fairhead and David Johann had brought them over to my house after the TAVES 2016 show. To this day, they have been the finest sounding amp and preamp to have powered by the system.

Yet, the sound of the Tenor system power the KEFs did not impress me as much as Tenor did in my own system. Here is a case where the finest sounding equipment can underperform at shows, probably taxed by the ginormous room which proved to be a little difficult for the KEF Blades.

Kronos Pro Turntable: $ 49,500

Kronos SCPS-1 PSU Power Supply $ 13,500

Black Beauty Tonearm: $ 12,500

ZYX Omega Premium Cartridge: $ 9,700

Baetis Audio Reference X Server: $ 12,900

Merging - Nadac ST2 Stereo DAC: $ 12,900

Tenor Audio Phono 1 Preamp: $ 65,000

Tenor Audio Line 1 Preamp: $ 126,500

Tenor Audio 350M HP Amp Pair: $ 165,500

Kef Blade Loudspeaker: $ 40,000

Total: $ 508,100

If you add on the cables and racks, you will need to add another $ 80,000 to the price.

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