Traveling The World by james Hardie

Monday, December 12th: Today, I visited the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. It was very beautiful there, with a lot of things to look at. The Pope lives there, but I wasn't able to catch a glimpse at him. There were a lot of large buildings there, and there were crowds of people. I also saw quite a few tourists while there.

Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Wednesday, December 14th: Today I visited the Borobudur in central Java, Indonesia. The Buddhist temple was absolutely huge. It had many openwork stupas around the top, and each one contained a statue of Buddha. The top looked like it was designed to look like a lotus flower. It was overwhelming. There were a lot of people there, some of them probably tourists.

Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

Friday, December 16: Today I was in Cambodia. I was visiting the Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple. It was an overwhelmingly huge building, composed out of about 100 other stone temples! It was supposedly built to honor the Hindu god Vishnu. There weren't nearly as many people there as the previous places, but there were a few.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sunday, December 18: I was in India today. I visited The Taj Majal, a Muslim mausoleum. The place was huge, as was every other place I visited so far. It's built of white marble and was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife. It supposedly took 22 years to build, and cost 32 million rupees, which is approximately 474,000 US dollars.

Taj Majal, India

Tuesday, December 20th: Today I visited Jerusalem, the holy place of Judaism. The religion was founded by Abraham, and originated in Israel. There were many people there, probably some were Christian tourists. The buildings were huge.



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