Tour of the Harn By: Kyle Varnes

Medium of the Art

Day of the Dead Tree with Figures made with Papier-mâché and wood

Presented above is a sculpture crafted to look like a tree. The sculpture is made of colorful papier-mâché and wood. This medium was striking compared to other mediums because of its vibrant colors. Many of the pieces in the museum were paintings, so the sculpture was also striking as one of the few standing pieces. It stands about six inches talk and appears textured. In person I was able to recognize the texture and contour of the design. The artist was successful in making the viewer feel the culture developed in the sculpture through its unique design. These specific additions to the piece contribute a significant amount of detail to the work. Visiting the museum enables the viewers to engage with the art work and expand their perception of the piece. Seeing works in person adds depth to their understanding and experience with a particular art work.

Design of the Museum

A wing in the Harn Museum

I found this wing of the Harn museum to be particularly interesting because of its open layout. After entering this section the museum seemed to open up more. The ceilings were elevated to create more space for the public and the open layout directed all attention to the art. The plethora of room and the hard wood floors made me feel relaxed. I spent more time in this area of the museum since I felt the most comfortable here. The lighting throughout this wing of the museum was not limited to the art, the entire wing was well lit. Due to all of these factors, I was able to better understand the art pieces and admire the details. There were also stairs to my left where I was able to enter a different exhibit. Each of the exhibits provoked a new atmosphere.

Art and Core Values

Cuarteto Habanero, a silkscreen work by Cundo Bermudez

In this piece of art work we can see four individuals all enjoying some form of music. In my opinion, this silkscreen was created to evoke the value of creativity. All four of the individuals in the art work are musicians and seem to be practicing with different instruments. Since they all have different instruments, I imagine them collaborating and creating new songs together. This art work inspires me to be creative in everything that I do. Bermudez's work also reminds me to live in the moment and pursues whatever I desire.

Art and the Good Life

Cortador de cana by Rafael Tufino

In reflecting on the art work by Rafael Tufino, I noticed the good life theme of discomfort. The black and white image features two men enduring work in the field. In the good life class we have spent time learning that some portion of discomfort is necessary in achieving the good life. Most people can relate to this piece of art work since many people endure discomfort in labor and work. This art provoked me to reflect and analyze what discomforts I endure in life and recognizing its importance.

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