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Recently Adobe released a free iPad app called Adobe Spark Page. Adobe Spark page was originally called Adobe Slate, so you can find lots of tutorials under that name and they all still apply, the only thing that changed was the name. It is a free app that you can use to create image-based stories. In November 2015, Adobe launched a browser-based version of Adobe Spark Page. YEAH!! Now you can create on your iPad or your computer.

Webpages generated with Adobe Spark Page look gorgeous. When you scroll you see an effect known as parallax or window scrolling where the image and text do not scroll together. Spark Pages 11 professionally designed themes keep you from worrying about font, color, and animation choices, so students won't be wasting time with those things. A simple click gives your entire story a different look with a different theme. You can change your mind for a themes at any point and it does not mess things up I think you will love this tool..

Recently, Adobe rebranded this product, It was called SLATE and now is named Spark Page, Luckily, the only thing that changed was the name.
using from your browser
That is it, just the short list.

Tap the + Create a New Story and begin your project. It is best to do a little planning before beginning. I normally type my body copy in advanc in Notes or a word processor and just copy & paste it into your Spark Page and tweek it. But your casn type it all right here too.

The first step is to add a title and/or subtitle and a cover image for the story. Looks a little like how you begin a PowerPoint doesn't it?

Tapping the tiny + signs allow students to add different types of media— images, photo grids, text, or links.

+ signs remain in between each type of media added so that other media can be added before or after the previous media (rather rearranging the media). The + signs only show when you are working on your p[roject in the editing view, they disappear when you preview and share.
Choose a method for getting your photos and they just recently add Google photos, but I have not had very much luck making that work. I find it easier to use Find Photos in the app or download my images to photos on my iPad or computer BEFORE beginning my Spark Page.

There are many options when adding images to the story. Use images that are already on the iPad or on your computer, use the camera to take a photo, or do an image search. Adobe Spark Page only searches images that have a Creative Commons license. When a photo has been chosen, a small i will appear at the bottom of the image to show the attribution information. And it had that attribution at the end of the project.

This is an example of a photo grid. it is a grouping of photos.
You will need to experiment with the different ways to add images and also the different styles to get a better idea of what each does.

Add videos directly from Youtube with the Video button. Just copy and paste the Youtube URL and your video will place on your Spark Page.

Add links to your project, give your button a name and add the complete URL. Make sure it is the complete URL, I usually copy and paste so I am sure the link will work.

Flush Left, Center, Flush Right

Adding a Glide Show, this can really make your project exciting and very impressive. For a glideshow, you must select the background photo first.

The Glide show is another way to JAZZ up your presentation.
Preview and Share
On Your Computer: Always preview before you SHARE. Share is like Publishing, You must share in order for anyone to be able to view your project.
On your iPad: Change your Theme, Share and Publish on your iPad
Share your Spark Page using the <> symbols, this is embedding
Adding your Spark Page to your WEEBLY site WEEBLY

Weebly: use the EMBED code tile and paste.

On your iPad: add the EMBED tile to your page. make sure when you dig it in the little blue line goes across the entire page, do NOT put your project beside something. it should be above or below your review.

Weebly on your computer

On your Computer: Drag the embed tool to your page, make sure you are adding your project full width of the page, DO NOT put it beside something.
On your computer: click the Edit Custom HTML and paste in the embed code.

Ideas for Classroom and Teacher Projects

  • publishing newsletters
  • writing book reviews
  • posting photo essays
  • sharing creative writing and poetry
  • documenting experiments
  • sharing photos
  • retelling a story or historical event
  • making a photo gallery of class art projects
  • sharing photos and reflections from a field trip
  • creating visual handouts
  • publicizing a school event
  • reports
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