Deforestation In Africa By:cal matzke

Imagine Africa without all of its rainforests, animals, and trees. That sounds like it could never happen. It might seem like trees are the only thing that are affected but the clearing of trees is also destroying animal habitats, killing crops, and changing the weather patterns. If nothing is done to stop deforestation soon, at the current rate 30% of the trees in Africa will be gone by 2030.

The rainforests in Africa are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Already in West-Africa 90% of all of their forests have been wiped out, which is getting rid animal habitats. By the year 2030 approximately 366 species of animals will be extinct because of deforestation. A four mile area of rainforest can contain 400 species of birds, 150 species of butterflies and 60 species of amphibians, which a group of loggers could take that down in less than a week. You can help save these habitats by donating to foundations dedicated to saving the animals and plants.

Only 2% of all the trees in Africa are owned by the government. That means that a lot of trees are free to chop down by anybody. When a tree is chopped down it causing the place it is in the become more and more like a desert. When it rains trees gather water through their roots and stored inside. While inside the water evaporates out of the trees which makes the air moist makes more plants grow, so chopping down trees is indirectly killing other ones. This could stop if farmers were more educated and knew that every tree that they chop down kills a few more that they can't.

Deforestation is actually considered to be one of the contributing factors to climate change. It is the number one problem caused by deforestation. If enough carbon dioxide gathers in the air it can cause climate change. Trees can fight it though they hold 300 billion tons of carbon dioxide which is 40 times the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by fossil fuels. Deforestation not only lessens the amount of carbon dioxide stored it releases carbon dioxide into the air. When trees die they release all the carbon dioxide that they were storing. Cutting down trees nearly releases close to a billion tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Deforestation is a HUGE problem in Africa. the deforestation rate in Africa is four times the rate compared to the rest of the world. As much as the country needs the resources; 90% of the country uses wood for cooking and 50% uses it for energy, and as much as they need the land for new roads and farmland. They can't keep on chopping down the trees, it is killing animals, causing the weather to change and increasing global warming. Some people in Africa are trying to stop it though, the countries in the Congo Basin created a tri-national park that stretches over 100 hectares dedicated to protecting the trees and animals in that area. What are you going to do to save the forests in Africa?

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