Under Construction! Here are some photos of roes Instead :)

Roe checking the snow maintenance of EverythingRoe!

The head of our environmental protection unit!

Head Roe of our social branding unit!

Head Roe of our security department!

Two roe-employees discussing their new project in the cafeteria!

And finally the discover-roe who comes up with all the best ideas!

This was the end of our roe gallery. Frankly, we weren't expecting you to scroll this far! This page will be finished soon, make sure to check it for updates!


Created with images by Seen - "untitled image" • Hans Veth - "Roe Deer " • Hans Veth - "Roedeer" • Arnaud Mariat - "Deer in the snow and snowflakes" • Drei Kubik - "Two deers in the Wildpark Düsseldorf, Germany." • Enguerran Urban - "This male deer was really curious. At the begining it was 50 meters away from me but it noticed me and started to approach me to end up at 15 meters in front of me, then it started watching me for 2 minutes before leaving. This whole scene lasted 15 minutes."