From the Headmaster:

I am credited with various sayings and phrases, I even understand that my name is invoked when children needing to consume more vegetables or insufficient teeth brushing is taking place...

One phrase that I will accept the accusation of employing is ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.’ It was my fellow birth day celebrant (I fear that is where the similarities begin and end..) Sir Ranulph Fiennes who is alleged to have coined it. Well, it was tested this week. My feet remain damp and cold despite my assurance to the Adventure School attendees that merino wool is the best thing to wear next to the skin.

Here’s hoping that our expedition to Leith Hill enjoys better weather. I look forward to seeing our Year 4 adventurers tackle Leith Hill with gusto on Monday.

A busy week to reflect upon and an even busier one to look forward to. Do not forget to join us on Thursday for our special visitor, Simon Shaw MBE. In addition to a remarkable playing career for Wasps, Toulon, England and British and Irish Lions, he holds the record for being one of the largest men to have played for England. 2.03m tall and 123kg. I am quite excited at the thought of feeling positively petite standing alongside him on Thursday...

Book Character day on Friday, don’t forget to dress as your favourite book character, get your costumes ready this weekend!


School Council

Note from the School Council.

To share our love of reading, we would like all of the children at Park Hill School to have a new book to read at the end of World Book Week. To help this to happen, the School Council Book Swap will run on Friday straight after school.

For the Book Swap, we invite all the children to bring in a book (or two) from home that that are happy to gift to the School Council. All of the books that are bought in will be made available to be purchased by another child for the set fee of £1 after school in the Dining Hall. The money that is collected will contribute towards future School Council projects. On the inside cover of any donated book, please help your child write a simple message saying who is donating the book along with their age and any additional comments they wish to make.

Please only bring in books that is good physical condition, they can be dropped off to the Dining Hall at the start of each day.

All you need is love...

I am unable to resist retaining this video in the Deerstalker for one more week...


Monday 2nd March - Year 4 Expedition Leith Hill

Thursday 5th March - Special Assembly - Simon Shaw (Wasps, Toulon, England, British & Irish Lions rugby player) Perseverance and Resilience Assembly, St Paul’s Church

Friday 6th March - Book Character Day, dress up as your favourite book character

♻️ Empties Please!

Park Hill are working towards achieving the Green ECO schools award. We currently hold the silver award.

Our ECO committee autumn recycling scheme is collecting empty printer cartridges. Please collect your bag from school and bring back when full to add to our brown collection box.

We are paid for each cartridge received. Alongside raising funds for our chosen charity we also earn green points which can be redeemed for ‘green goodies’ such as bulbs, hedgehog houses, toad hides and gardening tools, even sponsoring an endangered species of out choice and rain forest conservation projects.


The start of the school day is crucial.

It sets the tone for the day and teachers view the start of the lesson as critical in ensuring learning objectives are achieved and realised. Arriving late to school is incredibly disruptive for all. I appreciate that buses and trains and traffic all play their part but we do need your help in ensuring the children gain the most from their school day and that they arrive by 8.30am. Late children must be signed in through the school office.

Lost Property

Ralph - named PE top


We would like to remind you that if your child is absent from school due to sickness (vomiting, diarrhoea and temperature) they must be clear for at least 48 hours prior to returning to school. You must inform the school office directly on 020 8546 5496 if your child will be absent that day.


The full uniform list can be found here.

Year 5 and Year 6

Year 5 and 6 Deerstalker

The audiobooks that were created by the Year 5 and 6 children last term have now gained 100 views across the various audiobook and podcasting sites that they has been shared upon. If your have not yet listened to the audiobooks then please take a look using this link. With the help of the Park Hill Radio Club, we plan to have more material arriving soon.

Our new topic in English for this term is to construct a biography. To achieve this the children have been exploring the lives of people they know and this research will continue through their homework for this week.

Building upon the previous lessons of division, multiplication and work on decimal numbers, the children have started working on percentages this week. After breaking the topic with discussions on 50%, 25% and 10% of different amounts, at the end of the week the children have moved on to performing calculations that require a little more thinking such as calculating 19%, 82% and so on. Work on this topic will continue next week.

The children have been continuing to develop their hockey skills in PE lessons this week, their conduct and sportsmanship at the hockey tournament on Thursday was wonderful to see. The children played 4 matches against other schools and despite the bitterly cold weather and occasional hail shower the children did not stop smiling.

Year 4

There once was a class in Park Hill

Who liked to show off their skill

When studying Ed Lear

Their rhymes got in gear

Those poets in Year 4 of Park Hill

Their poetic rhymes where certainly absurd

As they wrote nonsense lines word after word

Their imagination was zanier

As each line got much crazier

Year 4 boys and girls are creatively absurd.

Maths we learnt place value division

Multiplication we showed great decision

With Adding subtracting

Nothing was distracting

Those clever minds marvellous decision.

There once was a class called Year Four

Who showed off their skills and much more

But it is now the end

To enjoy the weekend

To be ready for Leith Hill walking and more.

Year 3

Year 3 have had an action packed week. With learning about converting decimals into fractions and then ordering them.

In English we have enjoyed using mythical story cubes to help write our own unique myths, using all our prior knowledge to help us with our vocabulary.

Our art work this week focused on Roman gods and drawing form by looking carefully at images and lines, these will then be extended by being framed by using our printing blocks from a previous lesson.

Our highlight of the week was the trip was to The Apple Store, where we continued to build on our coding skills using Sphero Bolts. We explored coding stories including music and audio, with the Bolt acting as the character. As always, Apple staff enjoyed having us, as as even our younger children are very digitally literate, enabling the sessions to be more advanced.

Year 2

Busy busy busy.

We have begun our work on recounting and retelling stories from real life. They have recounted their holiday’s, adding huge amounts of varied and interesting activities: It seems that Year 2 have had a busy half term week, judging by their writing. We now move to recounting their trip to the Apple store and all the coding they did. Robots and ramps filled the store and I look forward to seeing their writing next week.

In maths, we have been working on multiplication or repeated addition, using arrays to work out any multiplication up to 15. Some great work completed here. Science was all about bones and we drew around a child and added in as many different bones that we could think of. We finished with singing our own version of ‘head, shoulders, knees, and toes’. Our version went, ’skull, ankle, ribs, and spine’

In computing, we have moved to coding once again and are now learning how to create buttons that we can program to perform different commands.

Year 1

An interesting week for Year 1 learning about British customs and International events. On Tuesday we celebrated pancake day by learning why we celebrate and making our own pancakes. Earlier in the day we designed dream pancakes with Reception. It was wonderful seeing Year 1 working hard to support Reception early writing skills and sounding out together.the results were altogether surprising with chilli and spinach pancakes planned as well as traditional sugary delights.

Year 1 had great fun making vegan oat pancakes and writing up a recount the following day. The combination of hands on learning really enhanced their written work and vocabulary choices.

In addition we learnt about Kuwait National day, how it is celebrated with fireworks, food and water or foam play for children.

Our DT session this week focused on health and well being and the children participated in an experiment to see how microbes can be spread through touch. Using a specially designed glow germ gel we shook hands to see how easily microbes and infection can be spread. We then examined images of germs on hands from different sources, learnt how to wash our hands properly and designed information posters to tell others what we had discovered. Our lesson concluded with a quiz to test our new knowledge. “Did you know that soap makes water work better!” Year 1


This week we started our new topic ‘Change’. We discussed what this meant to the children and we had some fantastic discussions about money, growth, and the weather. The children created some wonderful spring writing and did some beautiful spring pictures.

We have also been busy creating posters and invitations for a special Mother’s Day celebration which I’m sure the children will tell you all about.

For pancake day we had a competition where the children had to create their own pancake design, some had dark chocolate sprinkles, blueberries and even marshmallows on them!

Second Steps

Second Steps have enjoyed many different activities this week. In our outdoor area you may have noticed the Traditional Tales area with books and finger puppets where the children have had fun acting out the stories with their friends. The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks have been firm favourites. In our French lesson on Friday the children listened to and joined in with some traditional songs too.

We celebrated Pancake Day on Tuesday by making delicious pancakes and choosing different toppings but the best bit was eating the results at snack time.

We hope you all enjoyed watching Second Steps scarf dance, as much as we loved performing it, for Early Years assembly. Their teachers are so proud of everyone for learning the words and actions so quickly.

We have begun to explore our new topic of Growth by experimenting with Water Beads. It was so exciting to watch the tiny beads gradually swell and grow bigger when water was added to them. This has given the children lots of opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills as there was much discussion about how big they would get. There was also some speculation about them being ‘magic’ beans after they were introduced to the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be investigating this further next week!

Thank you to everyone who has made a ‘growth’ picture showing how much the children have grown. Please send in your pictures if you haven’t already done so as next week we will be discussing these in detail and making a display.

We are looking forward to World Book Day next week too and have been hearing about the exciting costumes choices for next Friday.

First Steps

The First Steps children have had a very busy start to a new term. First thing on Monday, our home corner turned into a den and some children didn’t want to come out from our den. We practised our counting skills, collecting and counting the dinosaurs. The children compared the quantity of the dinosaurs and tried to find out who had most of them.

Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to make pancakes on Tuesday.

The children poured and mixed the ingredients and watched the teacher to flip the pancakes.

If you still don’t believe that spring is approaching please have a look at our Mongolia tree in our garden then come and see our family tree on the wall. Art table was very busy creating flowers and it brought spring into our class.

Messy play was messy as usual. Children enjoyed making moon sand and became a really good observer while playing with it.

“Peace at Last’ was children’s favourite story this week and it led us to think about the sounds in and out around our houses such as fridge, clock and hoover sounds.

One more time, we are really proud of our children’s great performance on the stage On Thursday! They followed instructions well and tried their best. Well done, First Steps!

Please remember World Book Day is next week, we hope to see our children in their favourite book character costume next Friday!

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