Aggy By: ava gersten

This cannon is made of steel and it is used for war to warn others about a possible attacki and it is used as a weapon to fight wars within a certain range, as it was used by the English settlers.
These are the remodeled original ships that carried the first colonists of Jamestown. They were used to ship goods and to travel up and down the river.

Day 2

The blacksmith was very dark and warm and smelled like ashes and burning wood. In the shop, i would buy anything that is made of steel or iron, and i could also get anything fixed that is made of those materials. I could order screws, nails, wheels and bolts to fix household items.
This is the Randolph household. I am a one of the 27 slaves that work for them. I work in the house and sleep on the floor of the Randolph bedroom.

I would work as Ms. Randolphs shadow, but her room is my favorite because it is very nice and it is a great place. This 'is a breeze way. It has spinning wheels and it is used to walk and hang out by three real house.

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